July 5, 2022
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By Lucien Schneider
  • ISBN Code: : 9782763770659
  • Publisher : Presses Université Laval
  • Pages : 507
  • Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
  • Reads : 593
  • Book Compatibility : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Pdf : ulirnaisigutiit.pdf

Book Excerpt :

Inuktitut words in roman orthography and syllabics.

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Hunters, Predators and Prey

By Frédéric Laugrand,Jarich Oosten†
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Berghahn Books
  • Book Code : 1782384065
  • Total of Pages : 418
  • Category : Social Science
  • Members : 989
  • Pdf File: hunters-predators-and-prey.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Inuit hunting traditions are rich in perceptions, practices and stories relating to animals and human beings. The authors examine key figures such as the raven, an animal that has a central place in Inuit culture as a creator and a trickster, and qupirruit, a category consisting of insects and other small life forms. After these non-social and inedible animals, they discuss the dog, the companion of the hunter, and the fellow hunter, the bear, considered to resemble a human being. A discussion of the renewal of whale hunting accompanies the chapters about animals considered ‘prey par excellence’: the caribou, the seals and the whale, symbol of the whole. By giving precedence to Inuit categories such as ‘inua’ (owner) and ‘tarniq’ (shade) over European concepts such as ‘spirit ‘and ‘soul’, the book compares and contrasts human beings and animals to provide a better understanding of human-animal relationships in a hunting society.

The Oxford Handbook of Indigenous American Literature

By James H. Cox,Daniel Heath Justice
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Oxford University Press
  • Book Code : 0199914044
  • Total of Pages : 704
  • Category : Literary Criticism
  • Members : 931
  • Pdf File: the-oxford-handbook-of-indigenous-american-literature.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Over the course of the last twenty years, Native American and Indigenous American literary studies has experienced a dramatic shift from a critical focus on identity and authenticity to the intellectual, cultural, political, historical, and tribal nation contexts from which these Indigenous literatures emerge. The Oxford Handbook of Indigenous American Literature reflects on these changes and provides a complete overview of the current state of the field. The Handbook's forty-three essays, organized into four sections, cover oral traditions, poetry, drama, non-fiction, fiction, and other forms of Indigenous American writing from the seventeenth through the twenty-first century. Part I attends to literary histories across a range of communities, providing, for example, analyses of Inuit, Chicana/o, Anishinaabe, and Métis literary practices. Part II draws on earlier disciplinary and historical contexts to focus on specific genres, as authors discuss Indigenous non-fiction, emergent trans-Indigenous autobiography, Mexicanoh and Spanish poetry, Native drama in the U.S. and Canada, and even a new Indigenous children's literature canon. The third section delves into contemporary modes of critical inquiry to expound on politics of place, comparative Indigenism, trans-Indigenism, Native rhetoric, and the power of Indigenous writing to communities of readers. A final section thoroughly explores the geographical breadth and expanded definition of Indigenous American through detailed accounts of literature from Indian Territory, the Red Atlantic, the far North, Yucatán, Amerika Samoa, and Francophone Quebec. Together, the volume is the most comprehensive and expansive critical handbook of Indigenous American literatures published to date. It is the first to fully take into account the last twenty years of recovery and scholarship, and the first to most significantly address the diverse range of texts, secondary archives, writing traditions, literary histories, geographic and political contexts, and critical discourses in the field.

The Lexical Typology of Semantic Shifts

By Päivi Juvonen,Maria Koptjevskaja-Tamm
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
  • Book Code : 3110377675
  • Total of Pages : 608
  • Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
  • Members : 686
  • Pdf File: the-lexical-typology-of-semantic-shifts.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The volume focuses on semantic shifts and motivation patterns in the lexicon. Its key feature is its lexico-typological orientation, i.e. a heavy emphasis on systematic cross-linguistic comparison. The book presents current theoretical and methodological trends in the study of semantic shifts and motivational patters based on an abundance of empirical findings across genetically, areally and typologically diverse languages.

The Arts of Indigenous Health and Well-Being

By Nancy Van Styvendale,J.D. McDougall,Robert Henry,Robert Alexander Innes
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Univ. of Manitoba Press
  • Book Code : 0887559433
  • Total of Pages : 280
  • Category : Social Science
  • Members : 469
  • Pdf File: the-arts-of-indigenous-health-and-well-being.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Drawing attention to the ways in which creative practices are essential to the health, well-being, and healing of Indigenous peoples, The Arts of Indigenous Health and Well-Being addresses the effects of artistic endeavour on the “good life”, or mino-pimatisiwin in Cree, which can be described as the balanced interconnection of physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being. In this interdisciplinary collection, Indigenous knowledges inform an approach to health as a wider set of relations that are central to well-being, wherein artistic expression furthers cultural continuity and resilience, community connection, and kinship to push back against forces of fracture and disruption imposed by colonialism. The need for healing—not only individuals but health systems and practices—is clear, especially as the trauma of colonialism is continually revealed and perpetuated within health systems. The field of Indigenous health has recently begun to recognize the fundamental connection between creative expression and well-being. This book brings together scholarship by humanities scholars, social scientists, artists, and those holding experiential knowledge from across Turtle Island to add urgently needed perspectives to this conversation. Contributors embrace a diverse range of research methods, including community-engaged scholarship with Indigenous youth, artists, Elders, and language keepers. The Arts of Indigenous Health and Well-Being demonstrates the healing possibilities of Indigenous works of art, literature, film, and music from a diversity of Indigenous peoples and arts traditions. This book will resonate with health practitioners, community members, and any who recognize the power of art as a window, an entryway to access a healthy and good life.

Landscape in Language

By David M. Mark,Andrew G. Turk,Niclas Burenhult,David Stea
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : John Benjamins Publishing
  • Book Code : 902728704X
  • Total of Pages : 449
  • Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
  • Members : 300
  • Pdf File: landscape-in-language.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Landscape is fundamental to human experience. Yet until recently, the study of landscape has been fragmented among the disciplines. This volume focuses on how landscape is represented in language and thought, and what this reveals about the relationships of people to place and to land. Scientists of various disciplines such as anthropologists, geographers, information scientists, linguists, and philosophers address several questions, including: Are there cross-cultural and cross-linguistic variations in the delimitation, classification, and naming of geographic features? Can alternative world-views and conceptualizations of landscape be used to produce culturally-appropriate Geographic Information Systems (GIS)? Topics included: ontology of landscape; landscape terms and concepts; toponyms; spiritual aspects of land and landscape terms; research methods; ethical dimensions of the research; and its potential value to indigenous communities involved in this type of research.

The Routledge Handbook of North American Languages

By Daniel Siddiqi,Michael Barrie,Carrie Gillon,Jason Haugen,Eric Mathieu
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Book Code : 135181026X
  • Total of Pages : 598
  • Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
  • Members : 841
  • Pdf File: the-routledge-handbook-of-north-american-languages.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The Routledge Handbook of North American Languages is a one-stop reference for linguists on those topics that come up the most frequently in the study of the languages of North America (including Mexico). This handbook compiles a list of contributors from across many different theories and at different stages of their careers, all of whom are well-known experts in North American languages. The volume comprises two distinct parts: the first surveys some of the phenomena most frequently discussed in the study of North American languages, and the second surveys some of the most frequently discussed language families of North America. The consistent goal of each contribution is to couch the content of the chapter in contemporary theory so that the information is maximally relevant and accessible for a wide range of audiences, including graduate students and young new scholars, and even senior scholars who are looking for a crash course in the topics. Empirically driven chapters provide fundamental knowledge needed to participate in contemporary theoretical discussions of these languages, making this handbook an indispensable resource for linguistics scholars.

The Oxford Handbook of Polysynthesis

By Michael Fortescue,Marianne Mithun,Nicholas Evans
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Oxford University Press
  • Book Code : 0191506192
  • Total of Pages : 960
  • Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
  • Members : 427
  • Pdf File: the-oxford-handbook-of-polysynthesis.pdf

Book Short Summary:

This handbook offers an extensive crosslinguistic and cross-theoretical survey of polysynthetic languages, in which single multi-morpheme verb forms can express what would be whole sentences in English. These languages and the problems they raise for linguistic analyses have long featured prominently in language descriptions, and yet the essence of polysynthesis remains under discussion, right down to whether it delineates a distinct, coherent type, rather than an assortment of frequently co-occurring traits. Chapters in the first part of the handbook relate polysynthesis to other issues central to linguistics, such as complexity, the definition of the word, the nature of the lexicon, idiomaticity, and to typological features such as argument structure and head marking. Part two contains areal studies of those geographical regions of the world where polysynthesis is particularly common, such as the Arctic and Sub-Arctic and northern Australia. The third part examines diachronic topics such as language contact and language obsolence, while part four looks at acquisition issues in different polysynthetic languages. Finally, part five contains detailed grammatical descriptions of over twenty languages which have been characterized as polysynthetic, with special attention given to the presence or absence of potentially criterial features.

SIKU: Knowing Our Ice

By Igor Krupnik,Claudio Aporta,Shari Gearheard,Gita J. Laidler,Lene Kielsen Holm
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
  • Book Code : 9048185874
  • Total of Pages : 501
  • Category : Social Science
  • Members : 373
  • Pdf File: siku.pdf

Book Short Summary:

By exploring indigenous people’s knowledge and use of sea ice, the SIKU project has demonstrated the power of multiple perspectives and introduced a new field of interdisciplinary research, the study of social (socio-cultural) aspects of the natural world, or what we call the social life of sea ice. It incorporates local terminologies and classifications, place names, personal stories, teachings, safety rules, historic narratives, and explanations of the empirical and spiritual connections that people create with the natural world. In opening the social life of sea ice and the value of indigenous perspectives we make a novel contribution to IPY, to science, and to the public

Music and Modernity Among First Peoples of North America

By Victoria Levine Lindsay Levine,Dylan Robinson
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Wesleyan University Press
  • Book Code : 0819578649
  • Total of Pages : 396
  • Category : Music
  • Members : 889
  • Pdf File: music-and-modernity-among-first-peoples-of-north-america.pdf

Book Short Summary:

In this wide-ranging anthology, scholars offer diverse perspectives on ethnomusicology in dialogue with critical Indigenous studies. This volume is a collaboration between Indigenous and settler scholars from both Canada and the United States. The contributors explore the intersections between music, modernity, and Indigeneity in essays addressing topics that range from hip-hop to powwow, and television soundtracks of Native Classical and experimental music. Working from the shared premise that multiple modernities exist for Indigenous peoples, the authors seek to understand contemporary musical expression from Native perspectives and to decolonize the study of Native American/First Nations music. The essays coalesce around four main themes: innovative technology, identity formation and self-representation, political activism, and translocal musical exchange. Related topics include cosmopolitanism, hybridity, alliance studies, code-switching, and ontologies of sound. Featuring the work of both established and emerging scholars, the collection demonstrates the centrality of music in communicating the complex, diverse lived experience of Indigenous North Americans in the twenty-first century.

The SAGE Handbook of Outdoor Play and Learning

By Tim Waller,Eva Ärlemalm-Hagsér,Ellen Beate Hansen Sandseter,Libby Lee-Hammond,Kristi Lekies,Shirley Wyver
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : SAGE
  • Book Code : 1526415496
  • Total of Pages : 706
  • Category : Education
  • Members : 431
  • Pdf File: the-sage-handbook-of-outdoor-play-and-learning.pdf

Book Short Summary:

There has been a growing academic interest in the role of outdoor spaces for play in a child's development. This text represents a coordinated and comprehensive volume of international research on this subject edited by members of the well-established European Early Childhood Education Research Association Outdoor Play and Learning SIG (OPAL). Chapters written by authors from Europe, North and South America, Australasia and Asia Pacific countries are organised into six sections: Theoretical Frameworks and Conceptual Approaches for Understanding Outdoor Play & Learning Critical Reflections on Policy and Regulation in Outdoor Play & Learning Children's Engagement with Nature, Sustainability and Children's Geographies Diverse Contexts and Inclusion in Children's Outdoor Play Environments Methodologies for Researching Outdoor Play and Learning Links Between Research and Practice

Franz Boas among the Inuit of Baffin Island, 1883-1884

By Ludger Muller-Wille
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : University of Toronto Press
  • Book Code : 1487513291
  • Total of Pages : 330
  • Category : History
  • Members : 470
  • Pdf File: franz-boas-among-the-inuit-of-baffin-island-1883-1884.pdf

Book Short Summary:

In the summer of 1883, Franz Boas, widely regarded as one of the fathers of Inuit anthropology, sailed from Germany to Baffin Island to spend a year among the Inuit of Cumberland Sound. This was his introduction to the Arctic and to anthropological fieldwork. This book presents, for the first time, his letters and journal entries from the year that he spent among the Inuit, providing not only an insightful background to his numerous scientific articles about Inuit culture, but a comprehensive and engaging narrative as well. Using a Scottish whaling station as his base, Boas travelled widely with the Inuit, learning their language, living in their tents and snow houses, sharing their food, and experiencing their joys and sorrows. At the same time he was taking detailed notes and surveying and mapping the landscape and coastline. Ludger Müller-Wille has transcribed his journals and his letters to his parents and fiancé and woven these texts into a sequential narrative. The result is a fascinating study of one of the earliest and most successful examples of participatory observation among the Inuit. Originally published in German in 1994, the text has been translated into English by William Barr, who has also published translations of other important works on the history of the Arctic. Illustrated with some of Boas's own photos and with maps of his field area, Franz Boas among the Inuit of Baffin Island, 1883-1884 is a valuable addition to the historical and anthropological literature on southern Baffin Island.

Inuit, Oblate Missionaries, and Grey Nuns in the Keewatin, 1865-1965

By Frédéric B. Laugrand,Jarich G. Oosten
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
  • Book Code : 0773558020
  • Total of Pages : 497
  • Category : History
  • Members : 474
  • Pdf File: inuit-oblate-missionaries-and-grey-nuns-in-the-keewatin-1865-1965.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Over the century between the first Oblate mission to the Canadian central Arctic in 1867 and the radical shifts brought about by Vatican II, the region was the site of complex interactions between Inuit, Oblate missionaries, and Grey Nuns – interactions that have not yet received the attention they deserve. Enriching archival sources with oral testimony, Frédéric Laugrand and Jarich Oosten provide an in-depth analysis of conversion, medical care, education, and vocation in the Keewatin region of the Northwest Territories. They show that while Christianity was adopted by the Inuit and major transformations occurred, the Oblates and the Grey Nuns did not eradicate the old traditions or assimilate the Inuit, who were caught up in a process they could not yet fully understand. The study begins with the first contact Inuit had with Christianity in the Keewatin region and ends in the mid-1960s, when an Inuk woman joined the Grey Nuns and two Inuit brothers became Oblate missionaries. Bringing together many different voices, perspectives, and experiences, and emphasizing the value of multivocality in understanding this complex period of Inuit history, Inuit, Oblate Missionaries, and Grey Nuns in the Keewatin, 1865–1965 highlights the subtle nuances of a long and complex interaction, showing how salvation and suffering were intertwined.

A History of the Study of the Indigenous Languages of North America

By Marcin Kilarski
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : John Benjamins Publishing Company
  • Book Code : 902725897X
  • Total of Pages : 443
  • Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
  • Members : 800
  • Pdf File: a-history-of-the-study-of-the-indigenous-languages-of-north-america.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The languages indigenous to North America are characterized by a remarkable genetic and typological diversity. Based on the premise that linguistic examples play a key role in the origin and transmission of ideas within linguistics and across disciplines, this book examines the history of approaches to these languages through the lens of some of their most prominent properties. These properties include consonant inventories and the near absence of labials in Iroquoian languages, gender in Algonquian languages, verbs for washing in the Iroquoian language Cherokee and terms for snow and related phenomena in Eskimo-Aleut languages. By tracing the interpretations of the four examples by European and American scholars, the author illustrates their role in both lay and professional contexts as a window onto unfamiliar languages and cultures, thus allowing a more holistic view of the history of language study in North America.

Landscape Ethnoecology

By Leslie Main Johnson,Eugene S. Hunn
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Berghahn Books
  • Book Code : 1845458044
  • Total of Pages : 332
  • Category : Science
  • Members : 767
  • Pdf File: landscape-ethnoecology.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Although anthropologists and cultural geographers have explored "place" in various senses, little cross-cultural examination of "kinds of place," or ecotopes, has been presented from an ethno-ecological perspective. In this volume, indigenous and local understandings of landscape are investigated in order to better understand how human communities relate to their terrestrial and aquatic resources. The contributors go beyond the traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) literature and offer valuable insights on ecology and on land and resources management, emphasizing the perception of landscape above the level of species and their folk classification. Focusing on the ways traditional people perceive and manage land and biotic resources within diverse regional and cultural settings, the contributors address theoretical issues and present case studies from North America, Mexico, Amazonia, tropical Asia, Africa and Europe.

Unsettling the Colonial Places and Spaces of Early Childhood Education

By Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw,Affrica Taylor
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Book Code : 131767510X
  • Total of Pages : 242
  • Category : Education
  • Members : 302
  • Pdf File: unsettling-the-colonial-places-and-spaces-of-early-childhood-education.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Unsettling the Colonial Places and Spaces of Early Childhood Education uncovers and interrogates some of the inherent colonialist tensions that are rarely acknowledged and often unwittingly rehearsed within contemporary early childhood education. Through building upon the prior postcolonial interventions of prominent early childhood scholars, Unsettling the Colonial Places and Spaces of Early Childhood Education reveals how early childhood education is implicated in the colonialist project of predominantly immigrant (post)colonial settler societies. By politicizing the silences around these specifically settler colonialist tensions, it seeks to further unsettle the innocence presumptions of early childhood education and to offer some decolonizing strategies for early childhood practitioners and scholars. Grounding their inquiries in early childhood education, the authors variously engage with postcolonial theory, place theory, feminist philosophy, the ecological humanities and indigenous onto-epistemologies.

The Handbook of Contemporary Indigenous Architecture

By Elizabeth Grant,Kelly Greenop,Albert L. Refiti,Daniel J. Glenn
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Springer
  • Book Code : 9811069042
  • Total of Pages : 1001
  • Category : Architecture
  • Members : 716
  • Pdf File: the-handbook-of-contemporary-indigenous-architecture.pdf

Book Short Summary:

​This Handbook provides the first comprehensive international overview of significant contemporary Indigenous architecture, practice, and discourse, showcasing established and emerging Indigenous authors and practitioners from Australia, Aotearoa New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, Canada, USA and other countries. It captures the breadth and depth of contemporary work in the field, establishes the historical and present context of the work, and highlights important future directions for research and practice. The topics covered include Indigenous placemaking, identity, cultural regeneration and Indigenous knowledges. The book brings together eminent and emerging scholars and practitioners to discuss and compare major projects and design approaches, to reflect on the main issues and debates, while enhancing theoretical understandings of contemporary Indigenous architecture.The book is an indispensable resource for scholars, students, policy makers, and other professionals seeking to understand the ways in which Indigenous people have a built tradition or aspire to translate their cultures into the built environment. It is also an essential reference for academics and practitioners working in the field of the built environment, who need up-to-date knowledge of current practices and discourse on Indigenous peoples and their architecture.

Stories in a New Skin

By Keavy Martin
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Univ. of Manitoba Press
  • Book Code : 0887554288
  • Total of Pages : 200
  • Category : Literary Criticism
  • Members : 534
  • Pdf File: stories-in-a-new-skin.pdf

Book Short Summary:

In an age where southern power-holders look north and see only vacant polar landscapes, isolated communities, and exploitable resources, it is important to note that the Inuit homeland encompasses extensive philosophical, political, and literary traditions. Stories in a New Skin is a seminal text that explores these Arctic literary traditions and, in the process, reveals a pathway into Inuit literary criticism. Author Keavy Martin considers writing, storytelling, and performance from a range of genres and historical periods – the classic stories and songs of Inuit oral traditions, life writing, oral histories, and contemporary fiction, poetry and film – and discusses the ways in which these texts constitute an autonomous literary tradition. She draws attention to the interconnection between language, form and context and illustrates the capacity of Inuit writers, singers and storytellers to instruct diverse audiences in the appreciation of Inuit texts. Although Eurowestern academic contexts and literary terminology are a relatively foreign presence in Inuit territory, Martin builds on the inherent adaptability and resilience of Inuit genres in order to foster greater southern awareness of a tradition whose audience has remained primarily northern.

Lexical Acculturation in Native American Languages

By Cecil H. Brown
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Oxford University Press
  • Book Code : 9780195352870
  • Total of Pages : 272
  • Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
  • Members : 919
  • Pdf File: lexical-acculturation-in-native-american-languages.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Lexical acculturation refers to the accommodation of languages to new objects and concepts encountered as the result of culture contact. This unique study analyzes a survey of words for 77 items of European culture (e.g. chicken, horse, apple, rice, scissors, soap, and Saturday) in the vocabularies of 292 Amerindian languages and dialects spoken from the Arctic Circle to Tierra del Fuego. The first book ever to undertake such a large and systematic cross-language investigation, Brown's work provides fresh insights into general processes of lexical change and development, including those involving language universals and diffusion.

Mammals of Ungava and Labrador

By Scott A. Heyes,Kristofer M. Helgen
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Smithsonian Institution
  • Book Code : 1935623281
  • Total of Pages : 436
  • Category : Social Science
  • Members : 635
  • Pdf File: mammals-of-ungava-and-labrador.pdf

Book Short Summary:

In 1882 the Smithsonian Institution Arctic scientist, Lucien McShan Turner, traveled to the Ungava District that encompasses Northern Quebec and Labrador. There he spent 20 months as part of a mission to record meteorological data for an International Polar Year research program. While stationed at the Hudson's Bay Company Trading Post of Fort Chimo in Ungava Bay, now the Inuit community of Kuujjuaq, he soon tired of his primary task and expanded his duties to a study of the natural history and ethnography of the Aboriginal peoples of the region. His ethnography of the Inuit and Innu people was published in 1894, but his substantial writings on natural history never made it to print. Presented here for the first time is the natural history material that Lucien M. Turner wrote on mammals of the Ungava and Labrador regions. His writings provide a glimpse of the habits and types of mammals that roamed Ungava 125 years ago in what was an unknown frontier to non-Inuit and non-Innu people.

Encyclopedia of the Arctic

By Mark Nuttall
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Book Code : 1136786805
  • Total of Pages : 740
  • Category : Reference
  • Members : 894
  • Pdf File: encyclopedia-of-the-arctic.pdf

Book Short Summary:

With detailed essays on the Arctic's environment, wildlife, climate, history, exploration, resources, economics, politics, indigenous cultures and languages, conservation initiatives and more, this Encyclopedia is the only major work and comprehensive reference on this vast, complex, changing, and increasingly important part of the globe. Including 305 maps. This Encyclopedia is not only an interdisciplinary work of reference for all those involved in teaching or researching Arctic issues, but a fascinating and comprehensive resource for residents of the Arctic, and all those concerned with global environmental issues, sustainability, science, and human interactions with the environment.

Histoire du Nord-du-Québec

By Réjean Girard
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Presses de l'Université Laval
  • Book Code : 276379582X
  • Total of Pages : 560
  • Category : History
  • Members : 457
  • Pdf File: histoire-du-nord-du-québec.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Les récits d’Anabel et de Jolliet ne sont d’aucun secours. Ces précurseurs ne cherchaient pas tant à explorer la région entre le lac Saint-Jean et le lac Mistassini qu’à accomplir à la baie James leurs missions politique, économique et évangélique. Les explorateurs récents contribueront davantage. James Richardson se rend en 1870 au lac Mistassini en passant par la rivière Ashouapmouchouan, le lac Nicaubeau et le lac Chibougamau, Walter McQuat, pour continuer les travaux de Richardson, atteint le lac Mistassini en 1871 en montant la rivière Mistassini (...), puis en gagnant la rivière du chef à l’ouest pour arriver finalement au grand lac par la baie Cabistachouan (nommé Opitouk par les Indiens). Cette traversée de la rivière Mistassini à la rivière du Chef n’est pas inhabituelle et McQuat l’a entreprise pour chercher des terrains cupfrières analogues à ceux qu’avait repérés plus à l’est Richardson en 1870. James Galbraith, en 1881, va au lac Supérieur à la baie James et de là au lac Mistassini et à Tadoussac...

Littératures autochtones

By Maurizio Gatti,Louis-Jacques Dorais
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Mémoire d'encrier
  • Book Code : 2897120061
  • Total of Pages : 288
  • Category : Literary Collections
  • Members : 214
  • Pdf File: littératures-autochtones.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Vient de paraître aux éditions Mémoire d’encrier Littératures autochtones, ouvrage collectif sous la direction de Louis-Jacques Dorais et Maurizio Gatti. Chercheurs et créateurs d’horizons divers explorent cet espace littéraire « archipélique ». Le résultat est un regard global sur les communautés et leur littérature. Questions, propositions, jeux/enjeux de ces Nations qui se cherchent dans leurs cris, du Maroc au Québec/Canada, de la Polynésie française à la Nouvelle-Calédonie. Dans l’introduction, Maurizio Gatti donne le ton : Les littératures autochtones ne se résument pas à des signes graphiques tracés sur le papier. Elles sont des êtres humains, des écrivains, des villages, des nations, des siècles de culture et d’histoire. Elles sont la vie transmuée en livre. Elles sont à la fois universelles et spécifiques... De nouvelles histoires littéraires se profilent à l’horizon. Une grande première dans la francophonie que ces littératures qui entrent sur la place publique, affirmant ainsi leur existence. Littératures autochtones traite notamment d’oralités et d’écritures, de langues et de traductions, de la critique littéraire et du point de vue des autochtones. Le mérite d’un tel essai, outre le précieux éclairage sur ces littératures, demeure cette mise en commun de l’espace autochtone qui gomme la solitude dans laquelle sont trop souvent enfermées les communautés. Ont collaboré à cet ouvrage : Louis-Jacques Dorais, Abdallah El Mountassir, Natacha Gagné, Maurizio Gatti, Ali Iken, Marie-Hélène Jeannotte, Ali Khadaoui, Michèle Lacombe, Heather Macfarlane, Keavy Martin, Isabelle Miron, Jean-Marc Tera’ituatini Pambrun, Pierre Rouxel, Marie Salaün, Isabelle St-Amand.

Histoires nordiques

By Lucie Lachapelle
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  • Publisher : Éditions XYZ
  • Book Code : 2892617685
  • Total of Pages : 138
  • Category : Fiction
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Book Short Summary:

Lucie Lachapelle a fait plusieurs séjours au Nunavik, où elle a enseigné en 1975. Elle en a rapporté des paysages et des personnages qui ont inspiré ces histoires nordiques en partie autobiographiques, en partie inventées. Dans ces histoires, les paysages de toundra et de glace sont grandioses et les personnages, plus grands que nature. Ce sont des Inuits, bien sûr: Qumaluq, le solitaire hanté par la guerre où il a perdu l’usage d’une jambe; le père de Pitaa, un chasseur qui intimide les enseignants; Akinisie, la vieille guérisseuse; Kitty, l’adolescente déjà mère; Tamusi, le séducteur des Blanches... Ce sont aussi des Blancs: Jean-Claude Mailly, le représentant de la province, paternaliste et condescendant; Kurt, le géant blanc, commis à l’aéroport, et surtout Louise, l’enseignante fascinée par le Nord et pleine de tendresse pour ses habitants. La rencontre de l’Autre est au cœur de ces histoires d’amour et de violence, d’adversité et de courage, où le monde nordique est décrit dans toute sa grandeur et avec tous ses malheurs. Qu’elles soient dramatiques, poétiques ou teintées d’humour, elles traitent avec une grande sensibilité des différences culturelles entre le Sud et le Nord.

Wörterbücher / Dictionaries / Dictionnaires. 3. Teilband

By Rufus Gouws
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  • Publisher : Walter de Gruyter
  • Book Code : 3110203391
  • Total of Pages : 282
  • Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
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  • Pdf File: wörterbücher-dictionaries-dictionnaires-3-teilband.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Den Gegenstand des Handbuches bildet die Lexikographie und die Wörterbuchforschung, und letztere präsentiert sich in den drei Teilbänden erstmals in ihren verschiedenen Ausprägungen mit einem großen Reichtum an Details, doch zugleich in einer zusammenhängenden und umfassenden Weise: 248 Autoren haben in den Sprachen Deutsch, Englisch und Französisch 349 Artikel geschrieben, welche auf 38 Kapitel verteilt sind. Die Zielsetzung des Handbuches, die sich aus der Lage der Lexikographie und dem Forschungsstand der örterbuchforschung ergibt, ist es die Lexikographie aller Sprachkreise der Erde zu registrieren sowie die der größeren Sprachen, und hier besonders die der europäischen und die ihrer Varietäten, detailliert darzustellen, den Status und die Funktion von lexikographischen Nachschlagewerken, insonderheit die von Sprachwörterbüchern in ihren unterschiedlichen Typen innerhalb der Kultursysteme von Gesellschaften zu beschreiben, die Geschichte der Lexikographie an Beispielen größerer Kulturen zu entwerfen, auf der Grundlage der Kenntnis der gesellschaftlichen Funktionen von Wörterbüchern und der Buchgeschichte und unter Berücksichtigung von Theorien über den Aufbau des Lexikons und seine Stellung im Sprachganzen Ausschnitte zu einer Allgemeinen Theorie der Lexikographie zu liefern, die Methodik der Lexikographie für alle Phasen des lexikographischen Prozesses, von der äußeren Arbeitsorganisation der Wörterbuchkanzleien bis hin zu methodischen Einzelverfahren unter Berücksichtigung des Computereinsatzes darzustellen und weiterzuentwickeln, auf die Unterschiede zwischen den realistischen Möglichkeiten und der gegebenen Realität der lexikographischen Praxis hinzuweisen und aus der Kenntnis von lexikographischen Defiziten Möglichkeiten für qualitative Verbesserungen und aussichtsreiche Perspektiven für neue lexikographische Projekte und metalexikographische Forschungen aufzuzeigen, die primäre und sekundäre Literatur möglichst breit und zuverlässig zu dokumentieren und insgesamt nachhaltig dazu beizutragen, daß die moderne wissenschaftliche Lexikographie zu einer von Wissenschaftlern lehrbaren und von Studenten lernbaren praxisorientierten Disziplin entwickelt wird.

Studia Anthropologica: Сборник статей к юбилею проф. М. А. Членова

By Сборник статей
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  • Publisher : Litres
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  • Category : Social Science
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Book Short Summary:

Сборник «Studia Anthropologica» посвящается юбилею известного российского антрополога Михаила Анатольевича Членова. Книга объединяет статьи коллег и друзей юбиляра, специалистов в области лингвистики, этнографии, мифологии, и отражает проблематику, близкую научным интересам М.А. Членова – это иудаика, индонезистика, эскимосоведение и общая этнография. Материалы сборника представляют результаты новейших разработок в указанных областях, вводят в научный оборот новые данные, полученные в ходе полевых исследований.Книга адресована специалистам – филологам, этнографам, историкам – и широкому кругу читателей.


By Mitiarjuk Nappaaluk
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  • Publisher : Univ. of Manitoba Press
  • Book Code : 0887554474
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  • Pdf File: sanaaq.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Sanaaq is an intimate story of an Inuit family negotiating the changes brought into their community by the coming of the qallunaat, the white people, in the mid-nineteenth century. Composed in 48 episodes, it recounts the daily life of Sanaaq, a strong and outspoken young widow, her daughter Qumaq, and their small semi-nomadic community in northern Quebec. Here they live their lives hunting seal, repairing their kayak, and gathering mussels under blue sea ice before the tide comes in. These are ordinary extraordinary lives: marriages are made and unmade, children are born and named, violence appears in the form of a fearful husband or a hungry polar bear. Here the spirit world is alive and relations with non-humans are never taken lightly. And under it all, the growing intrusion of the qallunaat and the battle for souls between the Catholic and Anglican missionaries threatens to forever change the way of life of Sanaaq and her young family.

Sciatica No More

By Pamela H. Royal
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Book Short Summary:

"I woke up one morning and could not get out of bed – literally. Every time I attempted to raise myself to a sitting position, pain shot through my lower back and into my left hip and buttock..." Does this sound familiar to you? That was 6 years ago when I first experienced the shocking sciatica pain. Horror could not begin to describe how I felt that day. For the next 12 weeks I went through hell and back. Through a series of non-surgical treatments, exercises, and stretches, I have been back pain free & have not needed to see a healthcare professional for sciatica since then. I continue to care for my back with stretching, walking and sometimes back strengthening exercises. Oh, and every now and then, I also treat my back to spinal decompression at the chiropractor’s office. The single most important thing I learned through my ordeal with sciatica is that there is no way any doctor can tell every patient everything he or she needs to know and, unfortunately, most patients don’t know what questions to ask. This is why I wrote "Sciatica No More." I am hoping that this book will help people learn about their conditions, learn of the many treatment options, learn to live within the limitations of their bodies and learn to live free from sciatica pain. In this book, you will learn: - What is sciatica & sciatic nerve pain - Sciatica diagnostic processes, sciatica symptoms - Common causes of sciatica - Non-surgical treatment options - Natural remedies for sciatica pain - Exercises for sciatica relief - Surgical treatment options - Working with sciatica pain - Travelling with sciatica pain - Sleeping with sciatica pain - Myths and facts about sciatica - Learn to say sayonara sciatica - And much more...

Sinews of Survival

By Betty Kobayashi Issenman
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  • Publisher : UBC Press
  • Book Code : 0774841893
  • Total of Pages : 224
  • Category : Social Science
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Book Short Summary:

Betty Issenman examines all aspects of winter and summer Inuit clothing, going back 4000 years, with particular emphasis on northern Canadian Inuit. She also describes the kinds of material and tools used to make the clothing. The focus is on on Inuit clothing as protection, identity, and culture bearer, roles it has played for thousands of years. No other book brings together contemporary and historical material from the circumpolar worlds with original research. Sinews of Survival is a fascinating study of Inuit clothing, past and present. It includes over 200 illustrations of various kinds of clothing. The voices of the Inuit are heard throughout the text in quotations from consultations and the literature. By describing one component of Inuit society, the author opens a pathway to understanding the culture as a whole.

Other Side of Eden

By Hugh Brody
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  • Publisher : D & M Publishers
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Book Short Summary:

Part memoir, part adventure story, part intellectual voyage, The Other Side of Eden begins in the High Arctic of the 1970s. This was where Hugh Brody first lived with hunting peoples and where, as he explains, he first encountered a way of being that would transform how he saw the world. In this marvellous new book, Brody’s travels take him through exquisite landscapes of ice and snow with companions who know the land as a part of themselves. He also travels through time and space as he explores the divide between hunters and farmers that lies at the core of human history. Shaped with a compelling mix of order and intuition, The Other Side of Eden draws on the author’s personal experience, on the words of the hunter-gatherers he comes to know and on the work of linguists, anthropologists and historians. Finally, Brody poses questions about the mind itself, arriving at a compelling and profoundly hopeful conclusion. Something exists, he suggests, that is neither heaven nor hell, neither modern nor ancient, neither civilized nor primitive: a place within each of us where we can be beyond the dichotomies and ultimately more fully ourselves.

The Netsilik Eskimo

By Asen Balikci
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  • Publisher : Waveland Press
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  • Total of Pages : 276
  • Category : Social Science
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Book Short Summary:

Today regarded as a classic, this description of life in polar cultures reflects traditional ethnography at its best and has been a favored account for thirty years. Balikcis important study of the Netsilingmiut, an isolated tribe of Arctic hunters living close to the Arctic Circle, examines their technology, social organization, and religion. The extended period of time that the author worked with the Netsilik Eskimo is reflected in the depth of his understanding of their past and present environments. His portrayal of their dependence on government services, along with modern technology, provides an accurate and necessary insight into the process of cultural change being experienced by cultures in many developing countries. The volume makes a superb accompaniment to the Netsilik documentary film series.

Tammarniit (Mistakes)

By Frank Tester,Peter Kulchyski
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  • Publisher : UBC Press
  • Book Code : 0774842717
  • Total of Pages : 434
  • Category : Social Science
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  • Pdf File: tammarniit.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Through an examination of the roles of relief and relocation in response to welfare and other perceived problems and the federal government's overall goal of assimilating the Inuit into the dominant Canadian culture, this book questions the seeming benevolence of the post-Second World War Canadian welfare state. The authors have made extensive use of archival documents, many of which have not been available to researchers before. The early chapters cover the first wave of government expansion in the north, the policy debate that resulted in the decision to relocate Inuit, and the actual movement of people and materials. The second half of the book focuses on conditions following relocation and addresses the second wave of state expansion in the late fifties and the emergence of a new dynamic of intervention.