August 16, 2022
Picking the Bones of Eleven Presidents and Others Book

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Download full pdf book Picking the Bones of Eleven Presidents and Others by Jerry Moriarity available in full 264 pages, and make sure to check out other latest books History related to Picking the Bones of Eleven Presidents and Others below.

Picking the Bones of Eleven Presidents and Others

By Jerry Moriarity
  • ISBN Code: : 1440107122
  • Publisher : iUniverse
  • Pages : 264
  • Category : History
  • Reads : 614
  • Book Compatibility : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Pdf : picking-the-bones-of-eleven-presidents-and-others.pdf

Book Excerpt :

It was my luck to learn from Jerry Moriarity what integrity in journalism is all about. Lloyd Schermer, former president of Lee Enterprises Should you be travelling to this area in October or November, I would enjoy a visit.Ex-President Richard Nixon Jerry Moriarity lived in the glorious era of newspapering and had a love affair with newspapers and the printed word. After more than forty interviews and photo opportunities with the last eleven presidents, Moriarity began to imagine the ideal U.S. President. These topics created his study of the presidents, his hobby for the last fifty years. All Things Considered on National Public Radio interviewed Moriarity five times on because of a Nixon editorial he wrote. This book is not solely about presidents, but includes other interviews he has had during the years. He has interviewed and photographed many important people such as Senator Barry Goldwater, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, John Glenn, Haile Selassie, Meredith Willson, Edward Ellis, Cornel Wilde, Errol Flynn, Walter Mondale, etc. He has added a few human-interest stories such as when U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy removed a cigar from Moriaritys mouth and dunked it in his coffee.

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By Debbie Howells
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“An intriguing dark psychological thriller—truly brilliant” from the international bestselling author of The Stepdaughter (Lisa Jackson, #1 New York Times–bestselling author). When Kate receives a phone call with news that Rosie Anderson is missing, she’s stunned and disturbed. Rosie is eighteen, the same age as Kate’s daughter, and a beautiful, quiet, and kind young woman. Though the locals are optimistic—girls like Rosie don’t get into real trouble—Kate’s sense of foreboding is confirmed when Rosie is found fatally beaten and stabbed. Who would kill the perfect daughter, from the perfect family? Yet the more Kate entwines herself with the Andersons—graceful mother Jo, renowned journalist father Neal, watchful younger sister Delphine—the more she is convinced that not everything is as it seems. Anonymous notes arrive, urging Kate to unravel the tangled threads of Rosie’s life and death, though she has no idea where they will lead. Weaving flashbacks from Rosie’s perspective into a tautly plotted narrative, The Bones of You is a gripping, haunting novel of sacrifices and lies, desperation and love. “Suspenseful and poignant debut . . . the increasingly tense storytelling and astute observations on mother-daughter relationships will keep readers turning the pages.” —Publishers Weekly “Has been compared to Alice Sebold’s The Lovely Bones . . . Indeed, Rosie’s voice offers a dynamic narrative. Her disembodied perspective, tempered with other points of view—chiefly Kate’s—adds an unusual and haunting layer to the novel.” —Library Journal “A compelling debut.” —Woman and Home “A s

The Bones of Paris

By Laurie R. King
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  • Book Code : 0345531779
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Book Short Summary:

NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY THE SACRAMENTO BEE New York Times bestselling author Laurie R. King, beloved for her acclaimed Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes series, consistently writes richly detailed and thoroughly suspenseful novels that bring a distant time and place to brilliant life. Now, in this thrilling new book, King leads readers into the vibrant and sensual Paris of the Jazz Age—and reveals the darkest secrets of its denizens. Paris, France: September 1929. For Harris Stuyvesant, the assignment is a private investigator’s dream—he’s getting paid to prowl the cafés and bars of Montparnasse, looking for a pretty young woman. The American agent has a healthy appreciation for la vie de bohème, despite having worked for years at the U.S. Bureau of Investigation. The missing person in question is Philippa Crosby, a twenty-two year old from Boston who has been living in Paris, modeling and acting. Her family became alarmed when she stopped all communications, and Stuyvesant agreed to track her down. He wholly expects to find her in the arms of some up-and-coming artist, perhaps experimenting with the decadent lifestyle that is suddenly available on every rue and boulevard. As Stuyvesant follows Philippa’s trail through the expatriate community of artists and writers, he finds that she is known to many of its famous—and infamous—inhabitants, from Shakespeare and Company’s Sylvia Beach to Ernest Hemingway to the Surrealist photographer Man Ray. But when the evidence leads Stuyvesant to the Théâtre du Grand-Guignol in Montmartre, his investigation takes a sharp, disturbing turn. At the Grand-Guignol, murder, insanity, and sexual perversion are all staged to shocking, brutal effect: depravity as art, savage human nature on stage. Soon it becomes clear that one missing girl is a drop in the bucket. Here, amid the glittering lights of the cabarets, hides a monster whose artistic coup de grâce is to be rendered in blood. And Stuyvesant will have to descend into the darkest depths of perversion to find a killer . . . sifting through The Bones of Paris. BONUS: This edition includes an excerpt from Laurie R. King's Dreaming Spies. Praise for The Bones of Paris “Haunting . . . a portrait of the City of Light that glows with the fires of Hell.”—Richmond Times-Dispatch “A compelling thriller . . . complex, more than a little kinky, and absolutely fascinating.”—Booklist (starred review) “Highly entertaining . . . Laurie R. King perfectly captures [the Jazz Age] as she explores the City of Light’s avenues and alleys.”—The Denver Post “Engrossing . . . Readers who enjoy Laurie R. King’s noteworthy Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes mystery series are in for a surprise.”—BookPage “A chilling mystery and a haunting love letter to the Paris of Hemingway’s Lost Generation.”—Library Journal

Salvage the Bones

By Jesmyn Ward
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing USA
  • Book Code : 1608196275
  • Total of Pages : 288
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  • Pdf File: salvage-the-bones.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Winner of the National Book Award Jesmyn Ward, two-time National Book Award winner and author of Sing, Unburied, Sing, delivers a gritty but tender novel about family and poverty in the days leading up to Hurricane Katrina. A hurricane is building over the Gulf of Mexico, threatening the coastal town of Bois Sauvage, Mississippi, and Esch's father is growing concerned. A hard drinker, largely absent, he doesn't show concern for much else. Esch and her three brothers are stocking food, but there isn't much to save. Lately, Esch can't keep down what food she gets; she's fourteen and pregnant. Her brother Skeetah is sneaking scraps for his prized pitbull's new litter, dying one by one in the dirt. Meanwhile, brothers Randall and Junior try to stake their claim in a family long on child's play and short on parenting. As the twelve days that make up the novel's framework yield to their dramatic conclusion, this unforgettable family--motherless children sacrificing for one another as they can, protecting and nurturing where love is scarce--pulls itself up to face another day. A big-hearted novel about familial love and community against all odds, and a wrenching look at the lonesome, brutal, and restrictive realities of rural poverty, Salvage the Bones is muscled with poetry, revelatory, and real.

The Bones of a King

By The Grey Friars Research Team
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Book Code : 1118783239
  • Total of Pages : 232
  • Category : History
  • Members : 795
  • Pdf File: the-bones-of-a-king.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The dramatic story of Richard III, England's last medieval king, captured the world's attention when an archaeological team led by the University of Leicester identified his remains in February 2013. The Bones of a King presents the official behind-the-scenes story of the Grey Friars dig from the team of specialists who discovered and identified his remains The most extensive and authoritative book written for non-specialists by the expert team who discovered and analysed the remains of Richard III Features more than 40 illustrations, maps and photographs Builds an expansive view of Richard's life, death and burial, as well as accounts of the treatment of his body prior to burial, and his legacy in the public imagination from the time of his death to the present Explains the scientific evidence behind his identification, including DNA retrieval and sequencing, soil samples, his wounds and his scoliosis, and what they reveal about his life, his health and even the food he ate A behind-the-scenes look at one of the most exciting historical discoveries of our time

The Bones of Avalon

By Phil Rickman
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Atlantic Books
  • Book Code : 1848877897
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Book Short Summary:

The first book in the Dr. Dee series of Tudor thrillers, about the astrologer royal to Queen Elizabeth I—a brew of compelling storytelling, devious politics, witchcraft, and necromantic artsIt is 1560, and Elizabeth Tudor has been on the throne for a year. Dr John Dee, at 32 already acclaimed throughout Europe, is her astrologer and consultant in the hidden arts—a controversial appointment in these days of superstition and religious strife. Now the mild, bookish Dee has been sent to Glastonbury to find the missing bones of King Arthur, whose legacy was always so important to the Tudor line. With him is hardly the safest companion—his friend and former student, Robert Dudley, a risk-taker, a wild card, and possibly the Queen's secret lover. The famously mystical town is still mourning the gruesome execution of its Abbot, Richard Whiting. But why was the Abbot really killed? What is the secret held by the monks since the Abbey was founded by Joseph of Arimathea, uncle of Christ and guardian of the Holy Grail? The mission takes Dee to the tangled roots of English magic, into unexpected violence, necromantic darkness, the breathless stirring of first love, and the cold heart of a complex plot against Elizabeth.

The Shamanic Bones of Zen

By Zenju Earthlyn Manuel
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Shambhala Publications
  • Book Code : 0834844273
  • Total of Pages : 192
  • Category : Religion
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  • Pdf File: the-shamanic-bones-of-zen.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Conceived at the crossroads of Buddhism and indigenous earth-based practice, The Shamanic Bones of Zen explores the deep human traditions of transformation that are made possible by meditation, ceremony, ritual, dreams, and spiritual connection to one’s ancestry. In The Shamanic Bones of Zen, celebrated author and Buddhist teacher Zenju Earthlyn Manuel undertakes a rich exploration of the connections between contemporary Zen practice and shamanic, or indigenous, spirituality. Drawing on her personal journey with the black church, with African, Caribbean, and Native American ceremonial practices, and with Nichiren and Zen Buddhism, she builds a compelling case for discovering and cultivating the shamanic, or magical, elements in Buddhism—many of which have been marginalized by colonialist and modernist forces in the religion. Displaying reverence for the Zen tradition, creativity in expressing her own intuitive seeing, and profound gratitude for the guidance of spirit, Manuel models the path of a seeker unafraid to plumb the depths of her ancestry and face the totality of the present. The book conveys guidance for readers interested in Zen practice including ritual, preparing sanctuaries, engaging in chanting practices, and deepening embodiment with ceremony. "I often felt my ancestors at ease with my practice of Zen. I felt they had led me through other traditions to this practice of ritual and ceremony,“ writes Manuel. ”The ancestors needed me to be still and breathe as they approached with what they had to offer my life.”

Servant of the Bones

By Anne Rice
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Ballantine Books
  • Book Code : 030757590X
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  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 864
  • Pdf File: servant-of-the-bones.pdf

Book Short Summary:

In a new and major novel, the creator of fantastic universes o vampires and witches takes us now into the world of Isaiah and Jeremiah, and the destruction of Solomon's Temple, to tell the story of Azriel, Servant of the Bones. He is ghost, genii, demon, angel--pure spirit made visible. He pours his heart out to us as he journeys from an ancient Babylon of royal plottings and religious upheavals to Europe of the Black Death and on to the modern world. There he finds himself, amidst the towers of Manhattan, in confrontation with his own human origins and the dark forces that have sought to condemn him to a life of evil and destruction.

The Bones of Murder

By Julius Falconer
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Pneuma Springs Publishing
  • Book Code : 190580976X
  • Total of Pages : 168
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 572
  • Pdf File: the-bones-of-murder.pdf

Book Short Summary:

While renovating the derelict twelfth-century chapel attached to their new house in rural Worcestershire in 1972, Grace and Benjamin Hothersall uncover three skeletons, which have clearly been the victims of murder. When news of this reaches the newspapers, a series of anonymous letters and telephone-calls begins at the Hothersall residence. Clearly the murders are of not just historical interest, since someone very much alive seems determined to prevent further disclosures. Inspector Wickfield finds himself involved in a complex and baffling investigation, which embraces local witchcraft, a student of the cabala, abduction, a boy’s curse, a hidden will, a stranger in Cornwall, death in a railway carriage – and a Latin textbook of 1563! It nearly proves too much for him, but light dawns eventually and leads to a tense trial which brings the case to a close. The narrative almost fails to see the light of day, because the inspector objects to its style and instructs Mr Falconer to destroy the typescript. Fortunately for us, Mr Falconer has more sense than the inspector. As always, the reader is given as much information as the detectives and is challenged to spot the crucial clue in the labyrinth, as Wickfield must. Julius Falconer’s sure touch ensures another page-turner for the discerning reader, in which intelligent stimulation vies with sheer entertainment for pride of place. Book reviews online: PublishedBestsellers website.

The Bones of the Old Ones

By Howard Andrew Jones
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Macmillan
  • Book Code : 1250015138
  • Total of Pages : 320
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 723
  • Pdf File: the-bones-of-the-old-ones.pdf

Book Short Summary:

A thrilling, inventive follow-up to The Desert of Souls by Howard Andrew Jones, a "rare master of the storyteller's art" ( As a snowfall blankets 8th century Mosul, a Persian noblewoman arrives at the home of the scholar Dabir and his friend the swordsman Captain Asim. Najya has escaped from a dangerous cabal that has ensorcelled her to track down ancient magical tools of tremendous power, the bones of the old ones. To stop the cabal and save Najya, Dabir and Asim venture into the worst winter in human memory, hunted by a shape-changing assassin. The stalwart Asim is drawn irresistibly toward the beautiful Persian even as Dabir realizes she may be far more dangerous a threat than anyone who pursues them, for her enchantment worsens with the winter. As their opposition grows, Dabir and Asim have no choice but to ally with their deadliest enemy, the treacherous Greek necromancer, Lydia. But even if they can trust one another long enough to escape their foes, it may be too late for Najya, whose soul is bound up with a vengeful spirit intent on sheathing the world in ice for a thousand years... "The Bones of the Old Ones is a damn good tale that not only pays homage to the masters, but sets its own print on the genre." --SF Signal "This rousing sequel to The Desert of Souls offers a mélange of ancient adventure myths populated by convincing, endearing characters... As intricately woven as the magic carpet of Greek sorceress Lydia, Jones's tale incorporates real historical personages and settings like Mosul of "haggard beauty" from the early days of Islam, and fills the pages with gallantry and glamour to provide a thrilling spectacle." –Publishers Weekly, starred review

Complete Works of Aristotle, Volume 1

By Aristotle
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Princeton University Press
  • Book Code : 1400835844
  • Total of Pages : 1264
  • Category : Philosophy
  • Members : 889
  • Pdf File: complete-works-of-aristotle-volume-1.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The Oxford Translation of Aristotle was originally published in 12 volumes between 1912 and 1954. It is universally recognized as the standard English version of Aristotle. This revised edition contains the substance of the original Translation, slightly emended in light of recent scholarship; three of the original versions have been replaced by new translations; and a new and enlarged selection of Fragments has been added. The aim of the translation remains the same: to make the surviving works of Aristotle readily accessible to English speaking readers.

The Bones of the Baobab Tree

By Karin Elder
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Balboa Press
  • Book Code : 1982281863
  • Total of Pages : 322
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 815
  • Pdf File: the-bones-of-the-baobab-tree.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Set in South Carolina, USA, 18th Century. A story of slaves. Based on fact, embellished in empathy. Main character Nicholas. Born on a plantation in 1767. Taken from his mother aged seven, by his Masters’ worker Barn, who heads up the boys for the Moloch cult. Nicholas is initiated. Seeds are sown for Nicholas to become a deranged psychotic. He has a penchant for white females. Khat, delicate, timorous. Shunned by mother and siblings is raised by her grandmother En; a high priestess versed in voodoo. Is En a force for good or evil? Khat is taken, sold to a wealthy plantation owner. With his first wife he was kind, generous, loving. She died in childbirth. He remarried a harridan, a malicious, vindictive woman. Hence: he became a malevolent, obese, caricature, the antithesis of a South Carolina gentleman. Beth the head cook enfolds Khat. Does she influence Nicholas’s and Khat’s destiny? Is the novel about white oppression and black submission, or does good triumph? Plucked from their traditional culture in Africa. Pitched into a white culture of manners, finery, folly and frivolity. Their lives could be forever destroyed. Or could they draw on their own native spirit, the supernatural with a tincture of voodoo – to survive? The topic thought to be stale, even arid. But my story not only touch the heart of human nature. It pierces its very bowels. “Stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage.” Richard Lovelace.

The Bones of the Case (Fantasy and Horror Classics)

By R. Austin Freeman
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Read Books Ltd
  • Book Code : 1447499905
  • Total of Pages : 32
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 807
  • Pdf File: the-bones-of-the-case.pdf

Book Short Summary:

R. Austin Freeman was a popular mystery author of the early 20th century. Some credit him with having invented the 'inverted detective story' – a plot structure in which the commission of the crime is described at the beginning, and the story details the detective's attempt to solve the mystery. Many of the hardboiled and pulp detective stories, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.

The Bones of Jack

By Bill Lindsay
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
  • Book Code : 9781453577684
  • Total of Pages : 91
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 764
  • Pdf File: the-bones-of-jack.pdf

Book Short Summary:

If you like Springheeled Jack, read my book, The Bones of Jack. chimney sweep and rat catcher find the remains of the infamous villan.Bill and Jeremy are hard working, young men, living in London at the turn of the century. They both hope for a better way of life and to move up socially. A being is about to enter their lives who will change things for them. But, will he be a blessing or a curse? Because of this being, both will begin double lives and risk being on the other side of the law. By assimilating him, they will have excitement and fame, but what they really want is a way to make money from knowing his secrets.

Hellboy: The Bones of Giants Illustrated Novel

By Christopher Golden
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Dark Horse Comics
  • Book Code : 1621154289
  • Total of Pages : 200
  • Category : Fiction
  • Members : 443
  • Pdf File: hellboy.pdf

Book Short Summary:

On the frozen shores of Sweden, lightning strikes from a clear sky. The skeleton of a huge man is revealed, its fingers clutched around the handle of an iron hammer. No one who comes to see this marvel from Norse mythology can lift it — no one but Hellboy, who lifts the hammer just in time for lightning to strike again, welding it to his hand and leading him towards a bizarre series of visions and encounters.

Wake the Bones

By Elizabeth Kilcoyne
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Wednesday Books
  • Book Code : 1250790832
  • Total of Pages : 320
  • Category : Young Adult Fiction
  • Members : 578
  • Pdf File: wake-the-bones.pdf

Book Short Summary:

"YA horror has found a new standard-bearer." - Kirkus Reviews (starred review) “Dark, gripping, and gorgeous, Wake the Bones will lead you into the woods and keep you up late. As lush and sweltering as a Kentucky summer... Elizabeth Kilcoyne is a force.” - Gwenda Bond, New York Times bestselling author The sleepy little farm that Laurel Early grew up on has awakened. The woods are shifting, the soil is dead under her hands, and her bone pile just stood up and walked away. After dropping out of college, all she wanted was to resume her life as a tobacco hand and taxidermist and try not to think about the boy she can’t help but love. Instead, a devil from her past has returned to court her, as he did her late mother years earlier. Now, Laurel must unravel her mother’s terrifying legacy and tap into her own innate magic before her future and the fate of everyone she loves is doomed. Elizabeth Kilcoyne’s Wake the Bones is a dark, atmospheric debut about the complicated feelings that arise when the place you call home becomes hostile. "Seething with shadows, summer, and uniquely southern magic, Wake the Bones is a powerful debut that captures the ache of home being a place you simultaneously love and loathe." - Hannah Whitten, New York Times bestselling author of For the Wolf

The anatomy of the human body

By J. Cruveilhier
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Рипол Классик
  • Book Code : 1172078947
  • Total of Pages :
  • Category : History
  • Members : 399
  • Pdf File: the-anatomy-of-the-human-body.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Read and download full book The anatomy of the human body

Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory Manual and E-Labs E-Book

By Kevin T. Patton
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Elsevier Health Sciences
  • Book Code : 032354746X
  • Total of Pages : 553
  • Category : Medical
  • Members : 491
  • Pdf File: anatomy-physiology-laboratory-manual-and-e-labs-e-book.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Using an approach that is geared toward developing solid, logical habits in dissection and identification, the Laboratory Manual for Anatomy & Physiology, 10th Edition presents a series of 55 exercises for the lab — all in a convenient modular format. The exercises include labeling of anatomy, dissection of anatomic models and fresh or preserved specimens, physiological experiments, and computerized experiments. This practical, full-color manual also includes safety tips, a comprehensive instruction and preparation guide for the laboratory, and tear-out worksheets for each exercise. Updated lab tests align with what is currently in use in today’s lab setting, and brand new histology, dissection, and procedures photos enrich learning. Enhance your laboratory skills in an interactive digital environment with eight simulated lab experiences — eLabs. Eight interactive eLabs further your laboratory experience in an interactive digital environment. Labeling exercises provide opportunities to identify critical structures examined in the lab and lectures; and coloring exercises offer a kinesthetic experience useful in retention of content. User-friendly spiral binding allows for hands-free viewing in the lab setting. Step-by-step dissection instructions with accompanying illustrations and photos cover anatomical models and fresh or preserved specimens — and provide needed guidance during dissection labs. The dissection of tissues, organs, and entire organisms clarifies anatomical and functional relationships. 250 illustrations, including common histology slides and depictions of proper procedures, accentuate the lab manual’s usefulness by providing clear visuals and guidance. Easy-to-evaluate, tear-out Lab Reports contain checklists, drawing exercises, and questions that help you demonstrate your understanding of the labs you have participated in. They also allow instructors to efficiently check student progress or assign grades. Learning objectives presented at the beginning of each exercise offer a straightforward framework for learning. Content and concept review questions throughout the manual provide tools for you to reinforce and apply knowledge of anatomy and function. Complete lists of materials for each exercise give you and your instructor a thorough checklist for planning and setting up laboratory activities, allowing for easy and efficient preparation. Modern anatomical imaging techniques, such as computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and ultrasonography, are introduced where appropriate to give future health professionals a taste for — and awareness of — how new technologies are changing and shaping health care. Boxed hints throughout provide you with special tips on handling specimens, using equipment, and managing lab activities. Evolve site includes activities and features for students, as well as resources for instructors.

My Bones are Red

By Patricia Waak
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Mercer University Press
  • Book Code : 9780865549173
  • Total of Pages : 158
  • Category : History
  • Members : 675
  • Pdf File: my-bones-are-red.pdf

Book Short Summary:

"What started out as a quest to find the mother of her beloved grandfather, became for Patricia Waak a revelation about the diversity of her family. It became, in fact, a spiritual journey as she visited cemeteries, courthouses, and archives from Accomack County, Virginia, to Goliad, Texas. Filled with transcriptions of old court cases, accounts from oral history, and the results of countless hours of research, she also invites us to participate in her own discovery through original poetry which introduces each chapter. Included are photographs, genealogical charts, maps, and copies of old documents."--Jacket.

Is Jesus The Son of God?

By P.Zainul Abideen
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Sanria
  • Book Code : 1311394869
  • Total of Pages : 118
  • Category : Religion
  • Members : 375
  • Pdf File: is-jesus-the-son-of-god.pdf

Book Short Summary:

In the name of the Lord, The most Merciful and Beneficent. Jesus was a Prophet and one of those reformists who propagated that Allah is the one and only God whom alone men should worship. So do the Quran and the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) describe Jesus. Therefore it is obligatory on the Muslims to believe it. Christians, who have faith in Jesus and believe him as the God and ‘the son of God’ as well, worship him as much. What exactly is the inference regarding the status of Jesus whom the two great religions of the world believe in? It is indeed our right and duty too, to analyse and discern the truth. It is especially so at such a juncture of the century when Christians are earnestly endeavouring to goad the Muslims to believe that Jesus is undoubtedly the ‘son of God’ by interpreting to their own end the various Quranic verses where Jesus is being eulogized by God. A scrutiny of the Bible and the Quran without prejudice will convince even those with inadequate knowledge of the two great scriptures, that there cannot be a son of God. While there are ample evidences leading to such a decisive conclusion, the Christian brethren who are misled by the clergy, believe in the theory of ‘Son of God’ thereby forgoing the chance to attain salvation in the hereafter. By quoting freely from the Bible itself, I have brought to light the fact that Jesus is not the ‘Son of God’ but on the other hand he was one of the great Prophets of god. The Christian brethren who peruse this book unbiasedly without any like or dislike whatsoever, will certainly discern the truth that Jesus was a saintly Prophet of God. I do therefore hope and pray that they will no more consider him as God or ‘Son of God’ Amen!

The Bone Book

By Robert W. Mann
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Charles C Thomas Publisher
  • Book Code : 0398091633
  • Total of Pages : 390
  • Category : Bones
  • Members : 680
  • Pdf File: the-bone-book.pdf

Book Short Summary:

This manual is the culmination of more than 35 years of skeletal analysis, teaching forensic anthropology and conducting skeletal research at universities and museums in the U.S., Asia, Pacific, Africa, and Europe. While there are many illustrated human osteology and anatomy books available to students and professionals, there is none that approaches the topic of identifying and siding human bones quite like The Bone Book, with its large, annotated color photographs and easy-to-follow steps. Designed for use in either the lab or the field, the book covers the material from top to bottom—from cranium to metatarsals and phalanges—with the help of more than 400 vivid, full-color photographs, clearly annotated to highlight key features. Complex bones, such as the cranium, are shown in multiple photos (including several “exploded” or disarticulated skulls, showing how the complex bones fit together). In addition to the photos, the book offers easy-to-follow instructions and mnemonic tips that guide the reader, step by step, through the process of identifying every individual bone and which side of the body it came from. The Bone Book can be used as a stand-alone reference or as a companion to other sources. Although most of the photos show adult bones, the book also includes helpful photos of subadult bones and even fetal bones, which some forensic cases involve. The Bone Book will contribute to filling a gap in identifying and siding bones more easily and, in that sense, add to the body of anthropological, anatomical, and medical literature. It will be useful to anthropology students, anatomists, surgeons, medical examiners, and others working with the human skeleton.

Social Work Artfully

By Christina Sinding,Hazel Barnes
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press
  • Book Code : 1771120908
  • Total of Pages : 264
  • Category : Social Science
  • Members : 880
  • Pdf File: social-work-artfully.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The past two decades have witnessed a vigorous challenge to social work. A growing global convergence between the market and the public sector means that private sector values, priorities, and forms of work organization increasingly permeate social and community services. As challenges facing people and communities become more layered and complex, our means of responding become more time-bound and reductionist. This book is premised on the belief in the revitalizing power of arts-informed approaches to social justice work; it affirms and invites creative responses to personal, community, and political struggles and aspirations. The projects described in the book address themes of colonization, displacement and forced migration, sexual violence, ableism, and vicarious trauma. Each chapter shows how art can facilitate transformation: by supporting processes of conscientization and enabling re-storying of selves and identities; by contributing to community and cultural healing, sustainability and resilience; by helping us understand and challenge oppressive social relations; and by deepening experiences, images, and practices of care. Social Work Artfully: Beyond Borders and Boundaries emerges from collaboration between researchers, educators, and practitioners in Canada and South Africa. It offers examples of arts-informed interventions that are attentive to diversity, attuned to various forms of personal and communal expression, and cognizant of contemporary economic and political conditions.

Pilgrimage in the Middle Ages

By Brett Edward Whalen
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : University of Toronto Press
  • Book Code : 1442603844
  • Total of Pages : 400
  • Category : History
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  • Pdf File: pilgrimage-in-the-middle-ages.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Pilgrimage inspired and shaped the distinct experiences of commoners and nobles, men and women, clergy and laity for over a thousand years. Pilgrimage in the Middle Ages: A Reader is a rich collection of primary sources for the history of Christian pilgrimage in Europe and the Mediterranean world from the fourth through the sixteenth centuries. The collection illustrates the far-reaching significance and consequences of pilgrimage for the culture, society, economics, politics, and spirituality of the Middle Ages. Brett Edward Whalen focuses on sites within Europe and beyond its borders, including the holy places of Jerusalem, and provides documents that shed light upon Eastern Christian, Jewish, and Islamic pilgrimages. The result is an innovative sourcebook that offers a window into broader trends, shifts, and transformations in the Middle Ages.

Memoir II

By A. P. Vinogradov
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Yale University Press
  • Book Code : 1933789352
  • Total of Pages : 647
  • Category : Science
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  • Pdf File: memoir-ii.pdf

Book Short Summary:

This reference summarizes and tabulates most of the published knowledge of its time, providing a comprehensive presentation of more than 60 elements found in marine organisms.Extensive data, including 327 tables, on various marine groups from planktonic and nonplanktonic algae through fishes should be particularly valuable to investigators in biochemistry and physiology, geology, chemical oceanography, and nutrition. This edition, translated from the original Russian publications by Julia Efron and Jane K. Setlow, contains additional data and observations, not previously published elsewhere, which were added by Vinogradov in the preparation of the translation. The extensive bibliography of more than 2,000 titles was prepared by Virginia Odum.

Brahma Vaivartha Purana: 7 Sri Krishna Janana Khanda Part 4: English Translation only without Slokas

By Kausiki Books
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Kausiki Books
  • Book Code : N.a
  • Total of Pages : 500
  • Category : Religion
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  • Pdf File: brahma-vaivartha-purana.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Brahma Vaivartha Purana observes Bhagwan Krishna as the supreme Parabrahma. Brahma Vaivartha Purana is considered by many scholars as the source of things Krishna and equivalent to Bhagavatha Purana in its supremacy. Brahma Vaivartha Purana is structured as follows: Brahma Khanda Prakrithi Khanda Ganapathi Khanda Sri Krishna Janana Khanda Sri Krishna Janana Khanda covers the most detailed account of Sri Krishna as Parabrahma and Sri Krishna’s avatara leela on earth. In this part of the Purana, Krishna encounters Kamsa and releases people of Mathura from his tenure. Balarama and Krishna get their education from Rishi Garga, their shift to Dwarka as primary residence, Narration of Pradyumna, the fight with Banasura and the marriage of Usha and Aniruddha and finally concludes with Krishna Niryana and submersion of Dwarka

The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Volume 9

By Thomas Jefferson
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Princeton University Press
  • Book Code : 0691184763
  • Total of Pages : 710
  • Category : Biography & Autobiography
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  • Pdf File: the-papers-of-thomas-jefferson-volume-9.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The description for this book, The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Volume 9: November 1785 to June 1786, will be forthcoming.

The Bones of Grace

By Tahmima Anam
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : HarperCollins
  • Book Code : 0062199315
  • Total of Pages : 448
  • Category : Fiction
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  • Pdf File: the-bones-of-grace.pdf

Book Short Summary:

From the award-winning, nationally bestselling author of A Golden Age and The Good Muslim comes a lyrical, deeply moving modern love story about belonging, migration, tragedy, survival, and the mysteries of origins. On the eve of her departure to find the bones of the walking whale—the fossil that provides a missing link in our evolution—Zubaida Haque falls in love with Elijah Strong, a man she meets in a darkened concert hall in Boston. Their connection is immediate and intense, despite their differences: Elijah belongs to a prototypical American family; Zubaida is the adopted daughter of a wealthy Bangladeshi family in Dhaka. When a twist of fate sends her back to her hometown, the inevitable force of society compels her to take a very different path: she marries her childhood best friend and settles into a traditional Bangladeshi life. While her family is pleased by her obedience, Zubaida seethes with discontent. Desperate to finally free herself from her familial constraints, she moves to Chittagong to work on a documentary film about the infamous beaches where ships are destroyed, and their remains salvaged by locals who depend on the goods for their survival. Among them is Anwar, a shipbreaker whose story holds a key that will unlock the mysteries of Zubaida’s past—and the possibilities of a new life. As she witnesses a ship being torn down to its bones, this woman torn between the social mores of her two homes—Bangladesh and America—will be forced to strip away the vestiges of her own life . . . and make a choice from which she can never turn back.

Rituals of Death and Dying in Modern and Ancient Greece

By Evy Johanne Håland
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Cambridge Scholars Publishing
  • Book Code : 1443868590
  • Total of Pages : 690
  • Category : History
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  • Pdf File: rituals-of-death-and-dying-in-modern-and-ancient-greece.pdf

Book Short Summary:

*Winner of the AFS Elli Köngäs-Maranda Prize 2016* Multidisciplinary or post-disciplinary research is what is needed when dealing with such complex subjects as ritual behaviour. This research, therefore, combines ethnography with historical sources to examine the relationship between modern Greek death rituals and ancient written and visual sources on the subject of death and gender. The central theme of this work is women’s role in connection with the cult of the dead in ancient and modern Greece. The research is based on studies in ancient history combined with the author’s fieldwork and anthropological analysis of today’s Mediterranean societies. Since death rituals have a focal and lasting importance, and reflect the gender relations within a society, the institutions surrounding death may function as a critical vantage point from which to view society. The comparison is based on certain religious festivals that are dedicated to deceased persons and on other death rituals. Using laments, burials and the ensuing memorial rituals, the relationship between the cult dedicated to deceased mediators in both ancient and modern society is analysed. The research shows how the official ideological rituals are influenced by the domestic rituals people perform for their own dead, and vice versa, that the modern domestic rituals simultaneously reflect the public performances. As this cult has many parallels with the ancient official cult, the following questions are central: Can an analysis of modern public and domestic rituals in combination with ancient sources tell the reader more about the ancient death cult as a whole? What does such an analysis suggest about the relationship between the domestic death cult and the official? Since the practical performance of the domestic rituals was – and still remains – in the hands of women, it is crucial to discover the extent of their influence to elucidate the real power relations between women and men. This research represents a new contribution to earlier presentations of the Greek “reality”, but mainly from the female perspective, which is highly significant since men produced most of the ancient sources. This means that the principal objective for this endeavour is to question the ways in which history has been written through the ages, to supplement the male with a female perspective, perhaps complementing an Olympian Zeus with a Chthonic Mother Earth. The research brings both ancient and modern worlds into mutual illumination; its relevance therefore transcends the Greek context both in time and space.

This Horrid Practice

By Paul Moon
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Penguin Random House New Zealand Limited
  • Book Code : 1742287050
  • Total of Pages : 304
  • Category : History
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  • Pdf File: this-horrid-practice.pdf

Book Short Summary:

'Though stronger evidence of this horrid practice prevailing among the inhabitants of this coast will scarcely be required, we have still stronger to give.' - Captain James Cook This Horrid Practice uncovers an unexplored taboo of New Zealand history - the widespread practice of cannibalism in pre-European Maori society. Until now, many historians have tried to avoid it and many Maori have considered it a subject best kept quiet about in public. Paul Moon brings together an impressive array of sources from a variety of disciplines to produce this frequently contentious but always stimulating exploration of how and why Maori ate other human beings, and why the practice shuddered to a halt just a few decades after the arrival of Europeans in New Zealand. The book includes a comprehensive survey of cannibalism practices among traditional Maori, carefully assessing the evidence and concluding it was widespread. Other chapters look at how explorers and missionaries saw the practice; the role of missionaries and Christianity in its end; and, in the final chapter, why there has been so much denial on the subject and why some academics still deny that it ever happened. This Horrid Practice promises to be one of the leading works of New Zealand history published in 2008. It is a highly original work that every New Zealand history enthusiast will want to own and read.

Speaking From Among the Bones

By Alan Bradley
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Doubleday Canada
  • Book Code : 0385668139
  • Total of Pages : 384
  • Category : Fiction
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  • Pdf File: speaking-from-among-the-bones.pdf

Book Short Summary:

In the fifth book of the New York Times bestselling series, featuring Flavia de Luce, Alan Bradley pens his most chilling mystery yet, and introduces a new character into the mix whose actions will have lasting consequences on Bishop's Lacey, the de Luce family, and especially Flavia herself. When the tomb of St. Tancred is opened at the village church in Bishop's Lacey, its shocking contents lead to another case for Flavia de Luce. Greed, pride, and murder result in old secrets coming to light--along with a forgotten flower that hasn't been seen for half a thousand years.

Bone of My Bones and Flesh of My Flesh

By Donna Pryor
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : WestBow Press
  • Book Code : 197367680X
  • Total of Pages : 108
  • Category : Religion
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  • Pdf File: bone-of-my-bones-and-flesh-of-my-flesh.pdf

Book Short Summary:

On your wedding day, you did not receive a step-by-step guide on how to keep that “I do” feeling going until death do you part. You probably didn’t realize the work it would take to keep a “we” instead of a “me” mindset. Even worse, as the years have gone by, you may have developed a bad attitude, become inattentive to your spouse’s needs, and even pushed them away. In this insightful, practical daily devotional, Donna Pryor shares a blueprint to prepare for an upcoming marriage, improve an existing marriage, or to repair past damage. Each reading concludes with the same questions: • What do you hear God saying to you? • What do you want to say to God? • What is one thing your spouse did yesterday that you appreciated? • What did you do yesterday to show your spouse that you loved him or her? Filled with a mixture of Scriptures and personal observations, this guide urges you to progress into a godly marriage with a spouse who shares your values – while revealing wisdom to help you do it.

The Ornithosauria

By H. G. Seeley
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Good Press
  • Book Code : N.a
  • Total of Pages : 896
  • Category : Fiction
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  • Pdf File: the-ornithosauria.pdf

Book Short Summary:

"The Ornithosauria" by H. G. Seeley. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.