August 14, 2022
Tales from the Voynich Manuscript and The Island of Jan Mayen Book

Tales from the Voynich Manuscript and The Island of Jan Mayen | Download eBook Read Pdf-ePub-Kindle

Download full pdf book Tales from the Voynich Manuscript and The Island of Jan Mayen by Alexander Copperwhite available in full 177 pages, and make sure to check out other latest books Fiction related to Tales from the Voynich Manuscript and The Island of Jan Mayen below.

Tales from the Voynich Manuscript and The Island of Jan Mayen

By Alexander Copperwhite
  • ISBN Code: : 1547501456
  • Publisher : Babelcube Inc.
  • Pages : 177
  • Category : Fiction
  • Reads : 628
  • Book Compatibility : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Pdf : tales-from-the-voynich-manuscript-and-the-island-of-jan-mayen.pdf

Book Excerpt :

Two independent stories of historical and religious intrigue are linked by the Voynich Manuscript, a centuries-old document and blueprint of advanced knowledge kept under wraps by religious authorities in the Vatican. The Vertebra of God details the fight of a Vatican priest who deciphered it, forced to flee Rome and go into hiding in Amsterdam, pursued for years by a shadowy, ruthless hitman with orders to kill him to prevent the knowledge in the manuscript becoming widespread. When word of the priest's whereabouts leaks out, the chase is on and the final battle is joined over a young student brought back to life by the priest. Set in Sicily, The Temple of One Thousand Crystals ranges from the Roman/Greek era to discoveries unearthed at a present-day archaeology site, a mysterious and macabre find that leads a pair of young students on a perilous journey. Romance blossoms along the way as they follow leads that bring them perilously close to revealing the existence of a clandestine order and secrets of the Voynich Manuscript en route to a surprising, wonder-inducing conclusion. The Island of Jon Mayen is set on an island in the frozen north off Norway, where icebergs drift by and slaughter at a weather tracking outspost leads to a small expedition of Norwegian soldiers and scientists heading there. A hidden agenda drives the leader of the scientific team, one with roots in World War II Nazi Germany and resistance of an unexpected kind that leads not only to a treasure trove but an unexpected showdown finale inside a dormant volcano sanctuary as the waves crash outside.

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There’s none so blind as they that won’t see. Seventeen-year-old Tricia Farni’s body floated to the surface of Alaska’s Birch River six months after the night she disappeared. The night Roz Hart had a fight with her. The night Roz can’t remember. Roz, who struggles with macular degeneration, is used to assembling fragments to make sense of the world around her. But this time it’s her memory that needs piecing together—to clear her name . . . to find a murderer. This unflinchingly emotional novel is written in the powerful first-person voice of a legally blind teen who just wants to be like everyone else.