July 6, 2022
Black Duck Book

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Black Duck

By Janet Taylor Lisle
  • ISBN Code: : 1101663065
  • Publisher : Penguin
  • Pages : 256
  • Category : Juvenile Fiction
  • Reads : 740
  • Book Compatibility : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Pdf : black-duck.pdf

Book Excerpt :

It is spring 1929, and Prohibition is in full swing. So when Ruben and Jeddy find a dead body washed up on the shore of their small coastal Rhode Island town, they are sure it has something to do with smuggling liquor. Soon the boys, along with Jeddy’s strongwilled sister, Marina, are drawn in, suspected by rival bootlegging gangs of taking something crucial off the dead man. Then Ruben meets the daring captain of the Black Duck, the most elusive smuggling craft of them all, and it isn’t long before he’s caught in a war between two of the most dangerous prohibition gangs. "Riveting mystery and nonstop adventure." --School Library Journal

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Evolution through Genetic Exchange

By Michael L Arnold
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : OUP Oxford
  • Book Code : 019152462X
  • Total of Pages : 266
  • Category : Science
  • Members : 826
  • Pdf File: evolution-through-genetic-exchange.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Even before the publication of Darwin's Origin of Species, the perception of evolutionary change has been a tree-like pattern of diversification - with divergent branches spreading further and further from the trunk. In the only illustration of Darwin's treatise, branches large and small never reconnect. However, it is now evident that this view does not adequately encompass the richness of evolutionary pattern and process. Instead, the evolution of species from microbes to mammals builds like a web that crosses and re-crosses through genetic exchange, even as it grows outward from a point of origin. Some of the avenues for genetic exchange, for example introgression through sexual recombination versus lateral gene transfer mediated by transposable elements, are based on definably different molecular mechanisms. However, even such widely different genetic processes may result in similar effects on adaptations (either new or transferred), genome evolution, population genetics, and the evolutionary/ecological trajectory of organisms. For example, the evolution of novel adaptations (resulting from lateral gene transfer) leading to the flea-borne, deadly, causative agent of plague from a rarely-fatal, orally-transmitted, bacterial species is quite similar to the adaptations accrued from natural hybridization between annual sunflower species resulting in the formation of several new species. Thus, more and more data indicate that evolution has resulted in lineages consisting of mosaics of genes derived from different ancestors. It is therefore becoming increasingly clear that the tree is an inadequate metaphor of evolutionary change. In this book, Arnold promotes the 'web-of-life' metaphor as a more appropriate representation of evolutionary change in all lifeforms. This research level text is suitable for senior undergraduate and graduate level students taking related courses in departments of genetics, ecology and evolution. It will also be of relevance and use to professional evolutionary biologists and systematists seeking a comprehensive and authoritative overview of this rapidly expanding field.

The Eastman Guide to Birds

By John Eastman
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Stackpole Books
  • Book Code : 081174552X
  • Total of Pages : 297
  • Category : Birds
  • Members : 599
  • Pdf File: the-eastman-guide-to-birds.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Available for the first time in an electronic format, this volume contains three classic guides to birds: Birds of Forest, Yard, and Thicket; Birds of Lake, Pond, and Marsh; and Birds of Field and Shore. These books pick up where the typical field guide leaves off, covering each species close relatives, typical behaviors through the year, and place in the local ecology. Readers will learn how the 151 birds covered in these guides nest, mate, feed, and migrate, and when and where to observe them. Exquisite line illustrations instruct and delight.

Decision Making in Natural Resource Management

By Michael J. Conroy,James T. Peterson
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Book Code : 1118506235
  • Total of Pages : 480
  • Category : Science
  • Members : 248
  • Pdf File: decision-making-in-natural-resource-management.pdf

Book Short Summary:

This book is intended for use by natural resource managers andscientists, and students in the fields of natural resourcemanagement, ecology, and conservation biology, who are confrontedwith complex and difficult decision making problems. The book takesreaders through the process of developing a structured approach todecision making, by firstly deconstructing decisions into componentparts, which are each fully analyzed and then reassembled to form aworking decision model. The book integrates common-senseideas about problem definitions, such as the need for decisions tobe driven by explicit objectives, with sophisticated approaches formodeling decision influence and incorporating feedback frommonitoring programs into decision making via adaptive management.Numerous worked examples are provided for illustration, along withdetailed case studies illustrating the authors’ experience inapplying structured approaches. There is also a series of detailedtechnical appendices. An accompanying website providescomputer code and data used in the worked examples. Additional resources for this book can be foundat: ahref="http://www.wiley.com/go/conroy/naturalresourcemanagement"www.wiley.com/go/conroy/naturalresourcemanagement/a.


By J. Anne Funderburg
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : McFarland
  • Book Code : 1476626707
  • Total of Pages : 208
  • Category : Social Science
  • Members : 128
  • Pdf File: rumrunners.pdf

Book Short Summary:

In 1920, the 18th Amendment made the production, transportation and sale of alcohol not merely illegal—it was unconstitutional. Yet no legislation could end the demand for alcohol. Enterprising rumrunners worked to meet that demand with cunning, courage, machineguns and speedboats powered by aircraft engines. They out-maneuvered the U.S. Coast Guard and risked their lives to deliver illicit liquor. Smugglers like Bill McCoy, the Bahama Queen, and the Gulf Stream Pirate, along with many others, ran operations along the U.S. coastline until Prohibition was repealed in 1933. Drawing on legal records, newspaper articles and Coast Guard files, this history describes how rumrunners battled the Dry Navy and corrupted U.S. law enforcement, in order to keep America wet.

Pete Dunne's Essential Field Guide Companion

By Pete Dunne
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • Book Code : 0544135687
  • Total of Pages : 729
  • Category : Nature
  • Members : 517
  • Pdf File: pete-dunne-s-essential-field-guide-companion.pdf

Book Short Summary:

In this book, bursting with more information than any field guide could hold, the well-known author and birder Pete Dunne introduces readers to the "Cape May School of Birding." It's an approach to identification that gives equal or more weight to a bird's structure and shape and the observer's overall impression (often called GISS, for General Impression of Size and Shape) than to specific field marks. After determining the most likely possibilities by considering such factors as habitat and season, the birder uses characteristics such as size, shape, color, behavior, flight pattern, and vocalizations to identify a bird. The book provides an arsenal of additional hints and helpful clues to guide a birder when, even after a review of a field guide, the identification still hangs in the balance. This supplement to field guides shares the knowledge and skills that expert birders bring to identification challenges. Birding should be an enjoyable pursuit for beginners and experts alike, and Pete Dunne combines a unique playfulness with the work of identification. Readers will delight in his nicknames for birds, from the Grinning Loon and Clearly the Bathtub Duck to Bronx Petrel and Chicken Garnished with a Slice of Mango and a Dollop of Raspberry Sherbet.

Birder's Conservation Handbook

By Jeffrey V. Wells
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Princeton University Press
  • Book Code : 1400831512
  • Total of Pages : 464
  • Category : Nature
  • Members : 897
  • Pdf File: birder-s-conservation-handbook.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Until now there has been no single, comprehensive resource on the status of North America's most threatened birds and what people can do to help protect them. Birder's Conservation Handbook is the only book of its kind, written specifically to help birders and researchers understand the threats while providing actions to protect birds and their habitats. Jeffrey Wells has distilled vast amounts of essential information into a single easy-to-use volume-required reading for anyone who loves birds and wants to ensure they are protected. At-a-glance species accounts cover in detail North America's one hundred most at-risk birds; each account is beautifully illustrated by today's top bird artists. The text includes status, distribution, ecology, threats, conservation actions and needs, and references. A distribution map accompanies each entry. Chapters discuss birds as indicators of environmental health, the state of North American bird populations, major conservation issues, and initiatives now underway to improve the health of North America's birds. Birder's Conservation Handbook is an indispensable resource for birdwatchers, researchers, naturalists, and conservationists. Reading it will inspire you to become an active steward of our birds and the habitats we share. A comprehensive guide to North America's one hundred most at-risk birds and how to protect them Compact and easy to use, with beautiful illustrations and data organized for convenient, at-a-glance reference Detailed species accounts, including distribution maps Practical advice on conservation Information on leading conservation agencies and resources

Population Genomics: Wildlife

By Paul A. Hohenlohe,Om P. Rajora
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Springer Nature
  • Book Code : 3030634892
  • Total of Pages : 558
  • Category : Science
  • Members : 448
  • Pdf File: population-genomics.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Population genomics is revolutionizing wildlife biology, conservation, and management by providing key and novel insights into genetic, population and landscape-level processes in wildlife, with unprecedented power and accuracy. This pioneering book presents the advances and potential of population genomics in wildlife, outlining key population genomics concepts and questions in wildlife biology, population genomics approaches that are specifically applicable to wildlife, and application of population genomics in wildlife population and evolutionary biology, ecology, adaptation and conservation and management. It is important for students, researchers, and wildlife professionals to understand the growing set of population genomics tools that can address issues from delineation of wildlife populations to assessing their capacity to adapt to environmental change. This book brings together leading experts in wildlife population genomics to discuss the key areas of the field, as well as challenges, opportunities and future prospects of wildlife population genomics.

Just Off Main Street

By Steven Mulak
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Down East Books
  • Book Code : 160893084X
  • Total of Pages : 159
  • Category : Reference
  • Members : 737
  • Pdf File: just-off-main-street.pdf

Book Short Summary:

In Just Off Main Street, author Steven Mulak takes us on a seasonal tour that, month by month, celebrates his beloved New England's landscape, as well as the people, plants, and animals that occupy it. Mulak explores his personal world just off Main Street in such a wise, reflective manner that we more fully appreciate the observational skill emotionally uplifting sight of spring's first willows to the kaleidoscope of autumn color, to the occasional despair of never-ending winter, this book offers a fresh look at New England. The meticulous eye of the fine artist he is.

The CMO's Periodic Table

By Drew Neisser
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : New Riders
  • Book Code : 0134293827
  • Total of Pages : 320
  • Category : Business & Economics
  • Members : 583
  • Pdf File: the-cmo-s-periodic-table.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Imagine how much you would learn if you could converse with 64 of the brightest minds in marketing. Now imagine if those conversations were focused on all the essential elements that go into being a top-notch chief marketing officer and organized into seven logical, intuitive categories. Now you can stop imagining, and start reading The CMO’s Periodic Table, an essential resource for the modern marketer. Over the last five years, thanks in large part to his friends at The CMO Club, author Drew Neisser has interviewed over 100 marketing leaders at prominent companies such as American Express, Audi, Belkin, Black Duck Software, Converse, College Humor, D&B, Dow, and many more. These interviews, 64 of which are highlighted in this book, reflect the fundamental diversity of challenges and subsequent solution sets deployed by each. Though these interviews don’t yield a magic formula, they offer something a bit more profound and definitely more fundamental—a compendium of elements that every marketer has or will need to examine in the very near future. Organized into a CMO-worthy periodic table modeled on the classic organization of the chemical elements, the chapters progress from basic challenges like research and strategy, to internal issues like culture change and managing up, to advanced, highly volatile subjects like risk-taking and changing agencies.


By Steve Madge
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : A&C Black
  • Book Code : 1408138956
  • Total of Pages : 298
  • Category : Science
  • Members : 795
  • Pdf File: wildfowl.pdf

Book Short Summary:

A summary of information on 154 species of duck, geese and swans of the world intended as an identification manual for the wildfowl enthusiast that goes beyond a regional basis and is light enough to be used as a handy reference book in the field. The text not only clarifies identification techniques but fully discusses problematic plumages in detail as well as providing a summary on world distribution and status complemented by clear distribution maps.

Better Birding

By George L. Armistead,Brian L. Sullivan
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Princeton University Press
  • Book Code : 1400874165
  • Total of Pages : 360
  • Category : Nature
  • Members : 699
  • Pdf File: better-birding.pdf

Book Short Summary:

How to go from a beginner to an expert birder Better Birding reveals the techniques expert birders use to identify a wide array of bird species in the field—quickly and easily. Featuring hundreds of stunning photos and composite plates throughout, this book simplifies identification by organizing the birds you see into groupings and offering strategies specifically tailored to each group. Skill building focuses not just on traditional elements such as plumage, but also on creating a context around each bird, including habitat, behavior, and taxonomy—parts so integral to every bird's identity but often glossed over by typical field guides. Critical background information is provided for each group, enabling you to approach bird identification with a wide-angle view, using your eyes, brain, and binoculars more strategically, resulting in a more organized approach to learning birds. Better Birding puts the thrill of expert bird identification within your reach. Reveals the techniques used by expert birders for quick and easy identification Simplifies identification with strategies tailored to different groupings of birds Features hundreds of photos and composite plates that illustrate the different techniques Fosters a wide-angle approach to field birding Provides a foundation for building stronger birding skills

Wildlife Science

By Joseph P. Sands,Stephen J. DeMaso,Matthew J. Schnupp,Leonard A. Brennan
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : CRC Press
  • Book Code : 1439847746
  • Total of Pages : 333
  • Category : Nature
  • Members : 555
  • Pdf File: wildlife-science.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Despite the potential synergy that can result from basing management applications on results from research, there is a polarization of cultures between wildlife managers and wildlife researchers. Wildlife Science: Connecting Research with Management provides strategies for bridging cultural and communication gaps between these groups.Contributors p

Wildlife of Pennsylvania

By Charles Fergus,Amelia Hansen
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Stackpole Books
  • Book Code : 081174406X
  • Total of Pages : 448
  • Category : Nature
  • Members : 228
  • Pdf File: wildlife-of-pennsylvania.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Natural history narratives for more than 300 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians found in Pennsylvania and throughout the northeastern United States-written in an engaging, straightforward style.

Field Guide to the Natural World of New York City

By Leslie Day
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : JHU Press
  • Book Code : 1421411490
  • Total of Pages : 356
  • Category : Science
  • Members : 693
  • Pdf File: field-guide-to-the-natural-world-of-new-york-city.pdf

Book Short Summary:

“This little gem fills you in on everything finned, furred, feathered, or leafed, and how to find it, in all five boroughs” (House and Garden). New York just might be the most biologically diverse city in temperate America. The five boroughs sit atop one of the most naturally rich sites in North America, directly under the Atlantic migratory flyway, at the mouth of a 300-mile-long river, and on three islands?Manhattan, Staten, and Long. Leslie Day, a New York City naturalist, reveals this amazing world in her Field Guide to the Natural World of New York City. Combining the stunning paintings of Mark A. Klingler with a variety of photographs and maps, this book is a complete guide for the urban naturalist?with tips on identifying the city's flora and fauna and maps showing the nearest subway stop. Here is your personal guide to the real wild side of America’s largest city. Throw it in your backpack, hop on the subway, and explore. “Dr. Day . . . A sort of Julia Child of nature.” —Ellen Pall, New York Times “Provides historic facts, photographs and maps to give a snapshot of the city’s natural resources and to remind hard-charging New Yorkers of the unchanging parts of their environment.” —Sally Goldenberg, Staten Island Advance “This book should be in every New Yorker’s library as both reference and inspiration for low-carbon-impact journeys to places of unexpected beauty and tranquility.” —Crawford-Doyle Booksellers Newsletter “You may well wonder why I am reviewing a book about New York city when we preach 'local, local, local' throughout these pages. I'll tell you, because this beautifully illustrated handbook is a wonderful example of exploring the bucolic city. . . . All illustrated with gorgeous watercolors by Klingler. We should have one of these. But in the meantime, you will find many of the same species in our fair cities., so why not pick up a copy for inspiration?”—Minneapolis Observer Quarterly

Guide to Ducks and Geese

By Chuck Hagner
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Stackpole Books
  • Book Code : 0811743039
  • Total of Pages : 116
  • Category : Nature
  • Members : 145
  • Pdf File: guide-to-ducks-and-geese.pdf

Book Short Summary:

An easy-to-use introduction and ID guide. Includes all North American ducks and geese. With a "What to Look For" list for each species.

Birding at the Bridge

By Heather Wolf
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : The Experiment
  • Book Code : 1615193146
  • Total of Pages : 302
  • Category : Nature
  • Members : 182
  • Pdf File: birding-at-the-bridge.pdf

Book Short Summary:

One woman shares her quest to document a stunning variety of birds found in Brooklyn Bridge Park in this wonderful guide for birders everywhere. The Brooklyn Bridge once overshadowed a decaying industrial waterfront, but today it points the way to a new green oasis: Brooklyn Bridge Park. When avid birder Heather Wolf moved from tropical Florida to a nearby apartment, she wondered how many species she might see there, and soon came to a surprising realization: Not only is the park filled with an astonishing variety of birds, but the challenges that come with urban birding make them even more fun—and rewarding—to find. Camera in hand, Heather has captured scores of memorable scenes—a European starling pokes its head out of a hole in a snack shop, a marsh wren straddles two branches, common grackle nestlings clamor for food above the basketball courts—in more than 150 stunning photographs that will entrance birders and bird lovers, wherever their local patch may be. From the familiar-but-striking bufflehead duck to the elusive mourning warbler, every species comes to life on the page, foraging, nesting, and soaring in the slice of the city where they’ve made themselves at home. Discover the thrilling adventure of birding in the great outdoors—in the heart of Brooklyn. Praise for Birding at the Bridge “Where you may see only pigeons, sparrows and the occasional sea gull, [Heather Wolf] has recorded 130 species, many of which she has beautifully photographed.” —The New York Times “Part of the pleasure of her book, besides excellent photography . . . is the way [Heather Wolf] shares the circumstances and excitement of particular sightings.” —The Wall Street Journal

American Duck Shooting

By George Bird Grinnell
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Stackpole Books
  • Book Code : 0811766489
  • Total of Pages : 640
  • Category : Sports & Recreation
  • Members : 134
  • Pdf File: american-duck-shooting.pdf

Book Short Summary:

First published in 1901 at the height of Grinnell's career, the work of a man who both relished the thrill of the hunt yet cherished wildlife and natural lands.

Peter M. Pringle, Master Decoy Maker

By William C. Reeve
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
  • Book Code : 077357011X
  • Total of Pages : 224
  • Category : Crafts & Hobbies
  • Members : 869
  • Pdf File: peter-m-pringle-master-decoy-maker.pdf

Book Short Summary:

An avid outdoorsman, Pringle began carving decoys in 1898 and in 1928 set himself the goal of producing the best rig of decoys in the world. Between 1929 and 1946, employing his skills as a commercial artist and going to great lengths to ensure the utmost accuracy, he fashioned approximately 120 of what many now consider to be among the finest examples of decoy art. But because he carved exclusively for his own use and made only a few for close friends, Pringle's birds remained largely unknown until recently.

Floodplain Wetland Biota in the Murray-Darling Basin

By Kerrylee Rogers,Timothy J Ralph
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : CSIRO PUBLISHING
  • Book Code : 0643102191
  • Total of Pages : 360
  • Category : Science
  • Members : 102
  • Pdf File: floodplain-wetland-biota-in-the-murray-darling-basin.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Floodplain wetlands of the Murray-Darling Basin provide critical habitat for numerous species of flora and fauna, yet the ecology of these wetlands is threatened by a range of environmental issues. This book addresses the urgent need for an improved ecohydrological understanding of the biota of Australian freshwater wetlands. It synthesises key water and habitat requirements for 35 species of plants, 48 species of waterbirds, 17 native and four introduced species of fish, 15 species of frogs, and 16 species of crustaceans and molluscs found in floodplain wetlands of the Murray-Darling Basin. Each species profile includes: the influence of water regimes on the survival, health and condition of the species; key stimuli for reproduction and germination; habitat and dietary preferences; as well as major knowledge gaps for the species. Floodplain Wetland Biota in the Murray-Darling Basin also provides an overview of the likely impacts of hydrological change on wetland ecosystems and biota, in the context of climate change and variability, with implications for environmental management. This important book provides an essential baseline for further education, scientific research and management of floodplain wetland biota in the Murray-Darling Basin.

Birds of Ontario: Habitat Requirements, Limiting Factors, and Status

By Al Sandilands
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : UBC Press
  • Book Code : 0774859431
  • Total of Pages : 368
  • Category : Nature
  • Members : 788
  • Pdf File: birds-of-ontario.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The vast literature on the history of birds is continually growing, but rarely has this information been compiled so that it is readily available in one reference work. Birds of Ontario is such a work, providing a comprehensive summary of the life history requirements of bird species in the province.

Reading with Phonics

  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : R.I.C. Publications
  • Book Code : 1741268567
  • Total of Pages : 138
  • Category : English language
  • Members : 702
  • Pdf File: reading-with-phonics.pdf

Book Short Summary:

"Reading with phonics is a series of three books designed to develop students' phonemic awareness through a text with related worksheets."--Foreword.

Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks, 2nd Edition

By Dave Holderread
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Storey Publishing
  • Book Code : 1603427457
  • Total of Pages : 336
  • Category : Technology & Engineering
  • Members : 532
  • Pdf File: storey-s-guide-to-raising-ducks-2nd-edition.pdf

Book Short Summary:

With in-depth information on feeding, housing, behavior, and health care, this comprehensive guide also provides proven strategies for creating a profitable business plan and marketing your products. Whether you’re about to acquire your first ducks or are interested in experimenting with rare breeds, Storey’s Guide to Raising Ducks will help you achieve your duck-raising goals.

Shaggy Dogs and Black Sheep

By Albert Jack
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Penguin UK
  • Book Code : 0141912227
  • Total of Pages : 272
  • Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
  • Members : 520
  • Pdf File: shaggy-dogs-and-black-sheep.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The English language is crammed with colourful phrases and sayings that we use without thinking every day. It's only when we're asked who smart Alec or Holy Moly were, where feeling in the pink or once in a blue moon come from, or even what letting the cat out of the bag really means that we realize that there's far more to English than we might have thought. Luckily enough, we now have Albert Jack. And rather than resting on his laurels after the enormous success of Red Herrings and White Elephants, he has continued his search around the world, exploring the origins of hundreds more phrases. The fascinating stories he has uncovered come from the rich traditions of the navy, army and law to confidence tricksters and highwaymen, from the practices of ancient civilizations to Music Hall and pubs. Determined to chase each shaggy dog story to the bitter end, his discoveries are even stranger and more memorable this time round. Shaggy Dogs and Black Sheep is a compulsively readable, highly enlightening look at the phrases we use all the time but rarely consider. From the skin of your teeth to the graveyard shift - you'll never speak (or even think) English in the same way again.

Birds New to Britain and Ireland

By J.T.R. Sharrock
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : A&C Black
  • Book Code : 140813845X
  • Total of Pages : 280
  • Category : Nature
  • Members : 851
  • Pdf File: birds-new-to-britain-and-ireland.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The 83 species featured in this book, in date sequence of discovery, had not been recorded in Britain or Ireland before 1946. The original accounts of the sightings published in issues of British Birds* between 1947 and 1982 are now reprinted and supplemented with comment by Dr Sharrock on subsequent occurrences and current status. In addition, Peter Grant provides identification notes drawing attention to points not covered in the original accounts. There is also a world distribution map for each species and a line illustration to head each of the accounts. At the end of the book a section of plates reproduces 81 'first-sighting' photographs covering 32 of the species in the book.

Civilian-Driven Violence and the Genocide of Indigenous Peoples in Settler Societies

By Mohamed Adhikari
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Book Code : 100041177X
  • Total of Pages : 336
  • Category : History
  • Members : 343
  • Pdf File: civilian-driven-violence-and-the-genocide-of-indigenous-peoples-in-settler-societies.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Existing studies of settler colonial genocides explicitly consider the roles of metropolitan and colonial states, and their military forces in the perpetration of exterminatory violence in settler colonial situations, yet rarely pay specific attention to the dynamics around civilian-driven mass violence against indigenous peoples. In many cases, however, civilians were major, if not the main, perpetrators of such violence. The focus of this book is thus on the role of civilians as perpetrators of exterminatory violence and on those elements within settler colonial situations that promoted mass violence on their part.

On a Farther Shore

By William Souder
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Crown
  • Book Code : 0307462226
  • Total of Pages : 512
  • Category : Biography & Autobiography
  • Members : 384
  • Pdf File: on-a-farther-shore.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Published on the fiftieth anniversary of her seminal book, Silent Spring, here is an indelible new portrait of Rachel Carson, founder of the environmental movement She loved the ocean and wrote three books about its mysteries, including the international bestseller The Sea Around Us. But it was with her fourth book, Silent Spring, that this unassuming biologist transformed our relationship with the natural world. Rachel Carson began work on Silent Spring in the late 1950s, when a dizzying array of synthetic pesticides had come into use. Leading this chemical onslaught was the insecticide DDT, whose inventor had won a Nobel Prize for its discovery. Effective against crop pests as well as insects that transmitted human diseases such as typhus and malaria, DDT had at first appeared safe. But as its use expanded, alarming reports surfaced of collateral damage to fish, birds, and other wildlife. Silent Spring was a chilling indictment of DDT and its effects, which were lasting, widespread, and lethal. Published in 1962, Silent Spring shocked the public and forced the government to take action-despite a withering attack on Carson from the chemicals industry. The book awakened the world to the heedless contamination of the environment and eventually led to the establishment of the EPA and to the banning of DDT and a host of related pesticides. By drawing frightening parallels between dangerous chemicals and the then-pervasive fallout from nuclear testing, Carson opened a fault line between the gentle ideal of conservation and the more urgent new concept of environmentalism. Elegantly written and meticulously researched, On a Farther Shore reveals a shy yet passionate woman more at home in the natural world than in the literary one that embraced her. William Souder also writes sensitively of Carson's romantic friendship with Dorothy Freeman, and of her death from cancer in 1964. This extraordinary new biography captures the essence of one of the great reformers of the twentieth century. A New York Times Notable Book of 2012 “A suspenseful tale of the literary life…utterly inspiring.” —San Francisco Chronicle “Captivating…Souder writes vividly and with great empathy for his subject and her cause.” —New York Times Book Review “A delightful, fascinating, engrossing read about some of the most important insights of modern science. You’ll find yourself thinking about Carson whenever you take a walk in the woods.” —Slate.com

Pascagoula Decoys

By Bosco, Joe
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  • Publisher : Pelican Publishing
  • Book Code : 9781455610129
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  • Members : 445
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Book Short Summary:

Read and download full book Pascagoula Decoys

All About Birds Southeast

By Cornell Lab of Ornithology
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Princeton University Press
  • Book Code : 0691230064
  • Total of Pages : 292
  • Category : Nature
  • Members : 729
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Book Short Summary:

The perfect guide to the birds of the southeastern United States, from the #1 birding website AllAboutBirds.org The All About Birds Regional Field-Guide Series brings birding enthusiasts the best information from the renowned Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s website, AllAboutBirds.org, used by more than 21 million people each year. These definitive books provide the most up-to-date resources and expert coverage on bird species throughout North America. This dynamic guide is the perfect companion for anyone interested in the birds of the southeastern United States. The guide offers fascinating details about the birds around you, useful bird ID tips, and handy bird-watching information. It presents full accounts of the 210 species most commonly seen in the Southeast; beautiful photographs of male, female, and immature birds, as well as morphs, and breeding and nonbreeding plumage (so you can ID birds all year long); current range maps; and so much more. The southeastern USA edition of All About Birds is easy to use and easy to share. This volume features the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia, as well as Washington, DC. Descriptions of 210 bird species, including four photos for each bird chosen specifically for better ID and sourced from the Macaulay Library (a collection of bird photos from citizen scientists) Quick and easy index with illustrations on cover flaps, with complete index at the back Information on Cornell Lab citizen-science programs and how to participate Bonus content includes identification best practices and tips on bird photography, birdscaping, food and feeding, and more Free MERLIN Bird ID app (downloaded more than 5 million times) for quick ID in the wild using photos and birdsong

All About Birds Northeast

By Cornell Lab of Ornithology
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Princeton University Press
  • Book Code : 0691230056
  • Total of Pages : 280
  • Category : Nature
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Book Short Summary:

The perfect guide to the birds of the northeastern United States and eastern Canada, from the #1 birding website AllAboutBirds.org The All About Birds Regional Field-Guide Series brings birding enthusiasts the best information from the renowned Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s website, AllAboutBirds.org, used by more than 21 million people each year. These definitive books provide the most up-to-date resources and expert coverage on bird species throughout North America. This dynamic guide is the perfect companion for anyone interested in the birds of the northeastern United States and eastern Canada. The guide offers fascinating details about the birds around you, useful bird ID tips, and handy bird-watching information. It presents full accounts of the 198 species most commonly seen in these regions; beautiful photographs of male, female, and immature birds, as well as morphs, and breeding and nonbreeding plumage (so you can ID birds all year long); current range maps; and so much more. The northeastern USA and eastern Canada edition of All About Birds is easy to use and easy to share. This volume features the following states, provinces, and territories: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Quebec, Labrador, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, eastern Ontario, and eastern Nunavut. Descriptions of 198 bird species, including four photos for each bird chosen specifically for better ID and sourced from the Macaulay Library (a collection of bird photos from citizen scientists) Quick and easy index with illustrations on cover flaps, with complete index at the back Information on Cornell Lab citizen-science programs and how to participate Bonus content includes identification best practices and tips on photography, birdscaping, food and feeding, and more Free MERLIN Bird ID app (downloaded more than 5 million times) for quick ID in the wild using photos and birdsong

The Ultimate Guide to Waterfowl Hunting

By Tom Airhart,Eddie Kent,Kent Raymer
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Book Code : 1510716750
  • Total of Pages : 360
  • Category : Sports & Recreation
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Book Short Summary:

Waterfowling is one of the more challenging forms of hunting. Requiring an intimate knowledge of the quarry in specialized gear—from shotguns and ammo to decoys, calls, blinds, and boats—and taking place in a variety of terrains—from the fields of Manitoba to the flooded timber of Arkansas, it’s the type of sport that gets in your blood and stays there. In The Ultimate Guide to Waterfowl Hunting, all aspects of this sport are covered by three authors who have intimate knowledge of how to hunt ducks and geese successfully. Chapters within this book cover dozens of topics, with special attention devoted to: Identifying the many and various species of waterfowl Methods for decoying and calling in a variety of situations Advice on how to choose the best gear for the situation at hand Theories and practices of retriever training and handling Tips on hunting in different types of weather, from rain and snow to bluebird skies How to choose the correct guns and loading Plus tips on blind placement in water or on land With more than a hundred photographs expertly illuminating the realities of waterfowl hunting, The Ultimate Guide to Waterfowl Hunting is sure to help hunters of all skill levels bag their biggest catches yet.

The Birds of Kentucky

By Burt L. Monroe Jr.
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : University Press of Kentucky
  • Book Code : 081315166X
  • Total of Pages : 152
  • Category : Nature
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Book Short Summary:

The first book of its kind to be published for the Bluegrass State, The Birds of Kentucky is designed to provide an accurate and scientifically rigorous description of all the species of birds found in Kentucky. This comprehensive guide features a wealth of information, including abundance records, migration dates, and additional reference material, and indicates whether a bird is a permanent resident, winter resident, summer resident, visitant, or transient. Additionally, author Burt L. Monroe reviews the history of ornithologists who have worked in Kentucky and outlines the physiography of the state as it relates to birding. More than just a verbal portrait of Kentucky avifauna, The Birds of Kentucky includes fifty-one color paintings by the renowned wildlife artist William Zimmerman, whose work has been favorably compared to that of John James Audubon. In contrast to Audubon's romanticism and often tortuous style, however, Zimmerman offers us "comfortable" birds that look as if they are about to take wing and leave the page. Beautifully illustrated and based on a lifetime of field observation and research, this book provides an excellent guide to the natural history of the birds of the Bluegrass.