July 5, 2022
A Lion Called Christian Book

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A Lion Called Christian

By Anthony Bourke,John Rendall
  • ISBN Code: : 0767932331
  • Publisher : Crown
  • Pages : 256
  • Category : Nature
  • Reads : 859
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  • Pdf : a-lion-called-christian.pdf

Book Excerpt :

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • “A stirring tale of a rare bond formed between humans and an animal.”—Time Two men. One baby lion. What could go wrong? A Lion Called Christian tells the remarkable story of how Anthony “Ace” Bourke and John Rendall, visitors to London from Australia in 1969, bought a boisterous lion cub in the pet department of Harrods. For several months, the three of them shared a flat above a furniture shop on London’s King’s Road, where the charismatic and intelligent Christian quickly became a local celebrity, cruising the streets in the back of a Bentley, popping in for lunch at a local restaurant, even posing for a fashion advertisement. But the lion cub was growing up—fast—and soon even the walled church garden where he went for exercise wasn’t large enough for him. How could Ace and John avoid having to send Christian to a zoo for the rest of his life? A coincidental meeting with English actors Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers, stars of the hit film Born Free, led to Christian being flown to Kenya and placed under the expert care of the “father of lions” George Adamson. Incredibly, when Ace and John returned to Kenya to see Christian a year later, they received a loving welcome from their lion, who was by then fully integrated into Africa and a life with other lions. A video of this reunion has become a YouTube classic. Originally published in 1971, and now fully revised and updated with more than 50 photographs of Christian from cuddly cub in London to magnificent lion in Africa, A Lion Called Christian is a touching and uplifting true story of an indelible human-animal bond. It is destined to become one of the great classics of animal literature.

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  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Penguin
  • Book Code : 1101644087
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  • Members : 288
  • Pdf File: the-world-s-greatest-lion.pdf

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From the creators of The World's Greatest Elephant comes the real-life story of the MGM Studios Lion. Perhaps the most recognizable Hollywood animal--outside of Lassie--is "Leo the Lion," MGM Studios' famous mascot. For decades his image introduced hundreds of motion pictures, and Zamba the lion acted in dozens more. But he wasn't always a Hollywood star, and he certainly proved to be much more. This real-life story of Zamba, told by world-renowned animal behaviorist Ralph Helfer and Caldecott Honor recipient Ted Lewin, follows the famous lion from an orphaned cub in Africa to iconic Hollywood actor. But Zamba's greatest role wasn't scripted and it certainly wasn't captured on film. In 1969, the canyon that housed Ralph Helfer's animal ranch was ravaged by floods. As death claimed many of the animals, dozens were led to safety by one heroic lion. Zamba's story, beautifully told and illustrated, is one that will entertain and inspire--both cubs and lions.


  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Canongate Books
  • Book Code : 0857861018
  • Total of Pages : 64
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The final book of the Bible, Revelation prophesies the ultimate judgement of mankind in a series of allegorical visions, grisly images and numerological predictions. According to these, empires will fall, the "Beast" will be destroyed and Christ will rule a new Jerusalem. With an introduction by Will Self.

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"Magisterial. . . . A learned, brilliant and enjoyable study."—Géza Vermès, Times Literary Supplement In this exciting book, Paula Fredriksen explains the variety of New Testament images of Jesus by exploring the ways that the new Christian communities interpreted his mission and message in light of the delay of the Kingdom he had preached. This edition includes an introduction reviews the most recent scholarship on Jesus and its implications for both history and theology. "Brilliant and lucidly written, full of original and fascinating insights."—Reginald H. Fuller, Journal of the American Academy of Religion "This is a first-rate work of a first-rate historian."—James D. Tabor, Journal of Religion "Fredriksen confronts her documents—principally the writings of the New Testament—as an archaeologist would an especially rich complex site. With great care she distinguishes the literary images from historical fact. As she does so, she explains the images of Jesus in terms of the strategies and purposes of the writers Paul, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John."—Thomas D’Evelyn, Christian Science Monitor

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By Gail Carson Levine
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  • Book Code : 1423143337
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Fairy Haven's newest arrival, Prilla, along with Rani and Vidia, embarks on a journey filled with danger, sacrifice, and adventure. The fate of Never Land rests on their shoulders.

Wild and Dangerous Performances

By P. Tait
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Springer
  • Book Code : 0230354017
  • Total of Pages : 229
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  • Members : 800
  • Pdf File: wild-and-dangerous-performances.pdf

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Elephants, lions, tigers and leopards evoke fascination and awe, fear and excitement. This book analyzes trained acts in twentieth-century live circus and cinema, reveals how humans anthropomorphize animals with their emotions, and interrogates the notion that animals embody a phenomenology of emotions and feelings in culture.

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In 2008 the youtube video documenting the emotional reunion between two men and Christian the Lion became a worldwide sensation. Key themes of the essays in Captured: the Animal within Culture are encapsulated in Christian's story: the implications of the physical and cultural capture of animals.

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By Jennifer Bromann-Bender
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  • Publisher : Scarecrow Press
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Booktalking Nonfiction: 200 Surefire Winners for Middle and High School Readers will provide an introduction to selecting and writing booktalks for nonfiction books with a focus on unique informational texts and biographies and autobiographies. The Common Core Standards Initiative, which most states have adopted, requires that 70% of the materials students read be from the category of informational texts it is especially important to focus on nonfiction when sharing books with students. Bromann-Bender provides everything you need to do just that.

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By Patricia Cavendish O'Neil
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  • Book Code : 1868424871
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From the international best-selling author of A Lion in the Bedroom, Pat Cavendish O'Neill, comes another glimpse into her extravagant and adventurous life ... In 1968, Pat Cavendish O'Neill reluctantly left her magical years in Kenya behind to join her mother in Somerset West, South Africa. She left behind her wonderful friends, a life she loved and, even more heart-breaking, her beloved lioness Tana. However, arriving at her new home on Broadlands Farm, Pat soon found a different channel for her extraordinary gift with animals when she revealed a sharp eye for identifying winning race horses, turning Broadlands into a renowned stud farm. As always, the women attracted a colourful international audience into their extremely lavish lifestyle - champagne and caviar were the order of the day - and Pat and her mother would regularly fly to Australia to bid on some of the world's finest fillies and colts. Pat's fierce of love of animals has resulted in her opening heart and home to a variety of creatures, from monkeys to baboons, birds, sheep, pigs and horses, to a pack of seventeen dogs and a goat all living underfoot. But a rescued chimp named Kalu found his way deepest into her heart. For over 40 years Pat and Kalu have lived at Broadlands together and the one without the other is a picture incomplete. Today, at the age of 87, Pat leads a very different life from the enormous privilege and wealth into which she was born, yet she still remains true to her first love of animals.

Animal Life and the Moving Image

By Michael Lawrence,Laura McMahon
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
  • Book Code : 1838714383
  • Total of Pages : 320
  • Category : Social Science
  • Members : 434
  • Pdf File: animal-life-and-the-moving-image.pdf

Book Short Summary:

From the proto-cinematic sequencing of animal motion in the nineteenth century to the ubiquity of animal videos online, the histories of animal life and the moving image are enigmatically interlocked. Animal Life and the Moving Image is the first collection of essays to offer a sustained focus on the relations between screen cultures and non-human animals. The volume brings together some of the most important and influential writers working on the non-human animal's significance for cultures and theories of the moving image. It offers innovative analyses of the representation of animals across a wide range of documentary, fiction, mainstream and avant-garde practices, from early cinema to contemporary user-generated media. Individual chapters consider King Kong, The Birds, The Misfits, The Cove, Grizzly Man and Microcosmos, the work of Sergei Eisenstein, Robert Bresson, Malcolm Le Grice, Peter Greenaway, Carolee Schneemann and Isabella Rossellini, and YouTube stars Christian the lion and Maru the cat.

Sharp: 1942-1979

By Lowell Tarling
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : ETT Imprint
  • Book Code : 1925416593
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  • Category : Biography & Autobiography
  • Members : 215
  • Pdf File: sharp.pdf

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Martin Sharp was an integral part of international Pop Art in the 1960s, magnified through his covers for OZ magazine in Sydney and London, his covers for Cream, and posters of Dylan, Hendrix and Donovan. His efforts at making The Yellow House and Luna Park cultural precincts were aided by his screen prints and exhibitions to flaunt the work of others, especially the singer Tiny Tim. In this first of two volumes, Lowell Tarling offers us a way into the enigmatic and reclusive artist, through interviews with Sharp and all of his trusted friends, including artists Tim Lewis, Peter Kingston, Garry Shead, photographers Greg Weight, Jonny Lewis and William Yang, film-maker Phillippe Mora, actor Lex Marinos, musicians Mic Conway, Jeannie Lewis, Tiny Tim; Richard Neville and Jim Anderson from London Oz. 'Lowell Tarling was a close friend of Martin Sharp and other Yellow House artists for over forty years and has been recording interviews and discussions with Martin and the rest of us all that time. This is an extraordinary archive of primary source material of those heady and life changing times.' - Roger Foley-Fogg (Ellis D Fogg) 'Martin Sharp, through this wonderful collage of interviews, reminds us all, that ETERNITY is just around corner.' - Jonny Lewis


By Lowell Tarling
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : ETT Imprint
  • Book Code : 1922473677
  • Total of Pages : 546
  • Category : Biography & Autobiography
  • Members : 849
  • Pdf File: sharpest.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Lowell Tarling recorded Martin Sharp's life, and his effect on his friends, over twenty years. Now two volumes in one, in advance of the film of these books - GHOST TRAIN... Sharp: The Road to Abraxas - Part One, 1942-1979 Sharper: Bringing It All Back Home - Part Two, 1980-2013 'Like the Ancient Mariner, it's also a ghastly tale. I could understand the events at Luna Park a bit. I was trying to understand them and then suddenly there was this poetic language working to say: this is a crucifixion, Golgotha, death by fire. And then it starts to fit into Apocalyptic vision. It was Abraxas if you like - the dark face and the light face. To look upon Abraxas is blindness. To know it is sickness. To worship it is death. To fear it is wisdom. To assist it not is redemption. I don't know what it means. I've never been able to work it out. You get a Pop Art Parallel. It was the Year of the Child, the place of Golgotha, the Place of the Skull, and the Ghost Train. You then get these events that are caused by plotting, not caring for kids, carelessness, living a human life - the way of the world.' - Martin Sharp, 4 March 1984

Life Stories: A Guide to Reading Interests in Memoirs, Autobiographies, and Diaries

By Maureen O'Connor
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : ABC-CLIO
  • Book Code : 1610691466
  • Total of Pages : 723
  • Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
  • Members : 202
  • Pdf File: life-stories.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Memoirs, autobiographies, and diaries represent the most personal and most intimate of genres, as well as one of the most abundant and popular. Gain new understanding and better serve your readers with this detailed genre guide to nearly 700 titles that also includes notes on more than 2,800 read-alike and other related titles. • A list of subjects and suggested "read-alikes" accompany each title • Appendixes cover awards, websites, and resources • Detailed indexes provide further points of access

Heroic Animals

By Clare Balding
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : John Murray
  • Book Code : 1529343852
  • Total of Pages : 352
  • Category : Nature
  • Members : 132
  • Pdf File: heroic-animals.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Bobbie the Wonder dog crossed more than 2,500 miles of plains, desert and mountains to find his way home - and became the inspiration for Lassie. Cher Amithe pigeon, despite being shot twice, delivered a message thatsaved the lives of 194 soldiers in 1918. Trakr the police dog spent two days exhaustively searching Ground Zero and found the last survivor of the 9/11 attacks. Ever since Alexander the Great named a city after the horse who saved his life in battle (and another after his dog), human history wouldn't be the same without the awe-inspiring tales of amazing animals. Now BAFTA-winning presenter, no. 1 bestselling author and all-round national treasure Clare Balding picks out the most heroic and heartwarming (and sometimes hilarious) animals from history and tells their stories. From Simon the sea cat to Greyfriars Bobby's 14-year vigil over his master's grave, to the elephant that saved a small girl and Paul the World-Cup-predicting octopus, Heroic Animals brings to life incredible feats and moving moments which highlight the timeless special bond between human and animal.

London Urban Legends

By Scott Wood
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : The History Press
  • Book Code : 0752493809
  • Total of Pages : 192
  • Category : History
  • Members : 608
  • Pdf File: london-urban-legends.pdf

Book Short Summary:

How long has a corpse been staring out at passengers on the tube? Was London Bridge really shipped abroad by an American thinking he’d bought Tower Bridge? Did the Queen really mix with the crowds as a princess on VE Day? And did Hitler actually want to live in Balham? Urban legends are the funny, frightening and fierce folklore people share. Just like the early folk tales that came before them, these tales are formed from reactions to spectacular events in the world, and reflect our current values. From royal rumours to subterranean legends, Scott Wood has researched and written about them with a sense of wonder, humour and a keen eye. He finds the truth, the myth and the lies amongst these tales.

My Lion's Heart

By Gareth Patterson
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Jonathan Ball Publishers
  • Book Code : 0620601345
  • Total of Pages : 326
  • Category : Biography & Autobiography
  • Members : 354
  • Pdf File: my-lion-s-heart.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Environmentalist, independent researcher and author, Gareth Patterson has spent his entire adult life working tirelessly for the greater protection of African wildlife and, more particularly, for that of the lion. Born in England in 1963, Gareth grew up in Nigeria and Malawi. From an early age he knew where his life's path would take him - it would be in Africa, and his life's work would be for the cause of the African wilderness and its wild inhabitants. His is an all-encompassing African story. From his childhood in West and East Africa to his study of a threatened lion population in a private reserve in Botswana to his work with George Adamson, celebrated as the 'Lion Man' of Africa, we witness Gareth's growing commitment to his life's mission. This is nowhere more evident than in his account of his life as a human member of a lion pride, experiencing life and death through its eyes, as he successfully rehabilitated three famous orphaned lion cubs back into a life in the wilds. At considerable risk to his own personal safety, he exposed the sordid canned lion 'industry' in South Africa, bringing this shameful practice to international attention. After moving to the Western Cape he took up the fight for the African elephant, notably the unique endangered Knysna population, and published his astonishing findings in his 2009 book The Secret Elephants. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the stressful nature of his work, Gareth suffered a massive physical and mental breakdown in his forties, which he discusses here for the first time with an openness that underlines his courage. Lesser men might have been broken, but his 'lion's heart' fought back and he ultimately overcame his illness. Gareth Patterson's long-awaited autobiography is a moving account of one man's single-minded dedication to the preservation of Africa's wildlife. It is also a stark reminder that if the human race does not want to lose Africa's priceless wild heritage, there is no time to waste. 'The lion is my totem animal, and this is the story of my life in Africa, for the lion.'


By Estrela Luna
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
  • Book Code : 1642991856
  • Total of Pages : 132
  • Category : Religion
  • Members : 595
  • Pdf File: lion-s-calling.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Does God still speak to us today? Amidst the chaos and distractions of the world we live in, it can be difficult to be still and listen for God as He may be speaking to us. With the constant sounds of bustling traffic and phone notifications overwhelming our daily lives, many believers today feel disconnected from the God whom they desire to know. They no longer hear God's voice and are led to doubt whether or not God even desires to connect with us. However, according to the Bible, the God that led Moses out of Egypt and brought Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem is the same God who is with us today. He spoke to those He called, and He still speaks today. In Lion's Calling, Estrela Luna encourages you to listen for the messages that God has in store for you today""no matter where you may be in your faith walk. Written at various points throughout her teenage and adult life, Luna's collection of contemporary poems seek to challenge you to reflect on how Christianity has been manipulated to fit the modern lifestyle. Through the transformative messages contained in these Psalms, she also seeks to inspire you to seek God wholeheartedly. Only by connecting with our Creator may we discover our inheritance in Christ and reclaim our birthright as a Child of God. The Father's kingdom holds many secrets and treasures, which He exclusively gives to those who are called to be His children. This is the beginning of a journey back to the One who yearns to guide us in the hectic world in which we live.

Listen to the Animals

By E. Gordon Dickie M.D
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : AuthorHouse
  • Book Code : 9781463497163
  • Total of Pages : 672
  • Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
  • Members : 139
  • Pdf File: listen-to-the-animals.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Dr. Dickie is a graduate of Stanford University and McGill Medical School. After an ObGyn residency he was stationed at a large U.S. Army Hospital in Southern Germany and drove throughout Europe which elicited a keen enthusiasm for his extensive world travels. During his medical practice in Hawaii he was also the Medical Director of the Hawaii Cancer Laboratory. Dr. Dickie has written several books, screenplays and medical articles and was the first to ski the face of the 14,000 foot volcano Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii. He now divides his time between winters in Aspen, Colorado, spring and fall in Carmel, California, and summers at his Island in Ontario, Canada. As an avid and voracious consumer on every conceivable subject he has amassed an immense collection of authoritative books in his personal library in Carmel. For the past several years he has been the CEO of the FIES Brain Research Institute.

Private Wrongs

By Arthur Ripstein
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Harvard University Press
  • Book Code : 067496991X
  • Total of Pages : 327
  • Category : Law
  • Members : 520
  • Pdf File: private-wrongs.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Tort law recognizes the many ways one person wrongs another. Arthur Ripstein brings coherence to torts’ diversity in a philosophically grounded, analytically powerful theory. He shows that all torts violate the basic moral idea that each person is in charge of his or her own person and property, and never in charge of another’s person or property.

Affect, Space and Animals

By Jopi Nyman,Nora Schuurman
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Book Code : 1317415914
  • Total of Pages : 216
  • Category : Science
  • Members : 148
  • Pdf File: affect-space-and-animals.pdf

Book Short Summary:

In recent years, animals have entered the focus of the social and cultural sciences, resulting in the emergence of the new field of human–animal studies. This book investigates the relationships between humans and animals, paying particular attention to the role of affect, space, and animal subjectivity in diverse human–animal encounters. Written by a team of international scholars, contributions explore current debates concerning animal representation, performativity, and relationality in various texts and practices. Part I explores how animals are framed as affective, through four case studies that deal with climate change, human–bovine relationships, and human–horse interaction in different contemporary and historical contexts. Part II expands on the issue of relationality and locates encounters within place, mapping the different spaces where human–animal encounters take place. Part III then examines the construction of animal subjectivity and agency to emphasize the way in which animals are conscious and sentient beings capable of experiencing feelings, emotions, and intentions, and active agents whose actions have meaning for the animals themselves. This book highlights the importance of the ways in which affect enables animal agency and subjectivity to emerge in encounters between humans and animals in different contexts, leading to different configurations. It contributes not only to debates concerning the role of animals in society but also to the epistemological development of the field of human–animal studies.

Hermeneutics, Metacognition, and Writing

By Maryann P. DiEdwardo
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Vernon Press
  • Book Code : 1622739094
  • Total of Pages : 124
  • Category : Philosophy
  • Members : 403
  • Pdf File: hermeneutics-metacognition-and-writing.pdf

Book Short Summary:

'Hermeneutics, Metacognition, and Writing' investigates the social functionality of actions as an essential criterion of study. It focuses on hermeneutics: interpretation through the lens of philosophy of metacognition. Vital contributions to the book include several chapters by Dr. Maryann P. DiEdwardo herself, which explore various facets of the central topic, including the intersectionality of hermeneutics, metacognition, and semiotics, as well as social movements. Dr. Juliet Emmanuel writes on the subject of the connections between hermeneutics, metacognition, and writing, and Jill Kroeger Kinkade presents a chapter on D.H.Lawrence, Hilda Doolittle, and Virginia Woolf’s portrayals of consciousness. Patricia Pasda discusses what links Sr. Francis of Assisi, dogs, and hermeneutics; Dr. T. Madison Peschock presents a feminist paper concerning abuse of those not wielding power. Susan Stangeland offers her expertise and scholarship in the area of Biblical Hermeneutics. This collection of critiques and case studies examines the imagined cultural landscape of specific works and associated activities such as fine art, music, poetry, and digital humanities, which aim to initiate self-monitoring as metacognition, or meta-reflection, by creating interior interpersonal space to overcome adversity. This edited volume will be of particular interest to scholars and students of textual hermeneutics as it relates to prose writing and artistic works in non-verbal media.

Japanese Wartime Zoo Policy

By M. Itoh
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Springer
  • Book Code : 0230117449
  • Total of Pages : 245
  • Category : Social Science
  • Members : 323
  • Pdf File: japanese-wartime-zoo-policy.pdf

Book Short Summary:

This book examines Japanese wartime zoo policy during World War II, analyzing the reasons why the Home Ministry destroyed more than 300 showpiece animals throughout Japan well before U.S. air strikes were anticipated, with international comparisons of the effects of the war on zoos in Europe, the United States, and the Middle East.


By Erik Qualman
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Book Code : 1118282787
  • Total of Pages : 336
  • Category : Business & Economics
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  • Pdf File: socialnomics.pdf

Book Short Summary:

The benchmark book on to the effects and implications of socialmedia on our daily lives, and how businesses can harness itspower Socialnomics is an essential book for anyone who wants tounderstand the implications of social media on our daily lives andhow businesses can tap the power of social media to increase theirsales, cut their marketing costs, and reach consumers directly. Inthis revised and updated second edition, author Erik Qualmanpresents new material based on meeting with 75 Fortune 1000companies, 50 colleges and universities, and over 100 smallbusinesses & non-profits since the first edition. Qualman'smaterials have been used from IBM to NASA to Harvard to localbusinesses. Lists the top ten easy opportunities that companies andorganization miss when it comes to social media Describes where social media should reside in an organizationand the necessary building blocks for success Explains why over 50 percent of companies still block socialmedia to their employees and why this is a detriment tosuccess Shares proper training methods for your ENTIRE organization onsocial media; not just the chosen few Reviews the top companies, organizations and individuals usingsocial media, explaining what separates them from other companiesand how to replicate their success Social media can transform your business and your relationshipwith consumers. Discover what social media can do for you, and whatyou can do for others while using social media.

The Science of Jurassic World

By Mark Brake,Jon Chase
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : Simon and Schuster
  • Book Code : 1510762590
  • Total of Pages : 264
  • Category : Science
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  • Pdf File: the-science-of-jurassic-world.pdf

Book Short Summary:

A tale of some of the most amazing creatures ever to grace this tiny planet—unearth how the science fiction of the Jurassic World franchise inspired the evolution of dinosaur science. It all began in 1993. Jurassic Park was a movie landmark in the development of computer-generated imagery and animatronic visual effects. Jurassic Park became the highest-grossing movie of that year, and the highest-grossing film ever at the time, a record held until the 1997 release of Titanic. The field of dinosaur science has blossomed by leaps and bounds and branched out in recent years, in no small part to this iconic movie series. In The Science of Jurassic World, we experience the amazing story of the birth of the dinosaurs, how they evolved to world dominance, how some became gargantuan in size, how others grew wings and flew, and how the rest of them met an untimely end. Chapters include: How did Jurassic Park transform dinosaur science? Was Dr. Alan Grant’s job a walk in the park? What’s with the giant dinosaur poop? When will we clone dinosaurs? And so much more! Discover how some of cinema’s most incredible creations do justice to the jaw-dropping evolution of these fantastic creatures.

Leading Like a Lion

By David Webb
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  • Publisher : WestBow Press
  • Book Code : 1973653427
  • Total of Pages : 114
  • Category : Religion
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  • Pdf File: leading-like-a-lion.pdf

Book Short Summary:

This book is filled with challenging heart talks drawn from life experiences and biblical truths. You will not find fluff but straight talk in this little volume. The aim is to pull on your heartstrings and create a genuine desire for a close walk with God. May this little volume of articles be a blessing to all who read!

Companion Animals in Everyday Life

By Michał Piotr Pręgowski
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  • Publisher : Springer
  • Book Code : 1137595728
  • Total of Pages : 313
  • Category : Social Science
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  • Pdf File: companion-animals-in-everyday-life.pdf

Book Short Summary:

This book is an interdisciplinary collection shedding light on human-animal relationships and interactions around the world. The book offers a predominantly empirical look at social and cultural practices related to companion animals in Mexico, Poland, the Netherlands, Japan, China and Taiwan, Vietnam, USA, and Turkey among others. It focuses on how dogs, cats, rabbits and members of other species are perceived and treated in various cultures, highlighting commonalities and differences between them.

How to Tell Fate from Destiny

By Charles Harrington Elster
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  • Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • Book Code : 1328583236
  • Total of Pages : 323
  • Category : Reference
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  • Pdf File: how-to-tell-fate-from-destiny.pdf

Book Short Summary:

“In this part-thesaurus, part-hilarious manual of style, Elster breaks down the most common mistakes of the English language.”—Booklist If you have trouble distinguishing the verbs imitate and emulate, the relative pronouns that and which, or the adjectives pliant, pliable, and supple, never fear—How to Tell Fate from Destiny is here to help! With more than 500 headwords, the book is replete with advice on how to differentiate commonly confused words and steer clear of verbal trouble. Whether you’re a boomer, a Gen-Xer, or a millennial, if you peruse, browse, or even skim these spindrift pages you will (not shall) become versed in the fine art of differentiation. You will learn, for example, how to tell whether you suffer from pride, vanity, or hubris how to tell whether you’re contagious or infectious how to tell if you’re pitiful or pitiable how to tell if you’re self-centered or self-absorbed how to live an ethical life in a moral universe “This appealing book will help readers over countless lexical stumbling blocks, and encourage clearer and more precise speaking and writing.”—Publishers Weekly “The author of this charming and useful book has made a career out of literary finesse. In his latest effort to ‘clarify the mind and general discourse,’ the ‘professional distinctioneer’ offers witty, wise advice on the right way to deploy some of the English language’s trickiest words, from a and an to zero, zeros, zeroes.”—Yale Alumni Magazine

The Accidents of Style

By Charles Harrington Elster
  • File : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • Publisher : St. Martin's Griffin
  • Book Code : 1429912804
  • Total of Pages : 304
  • Category : Language Arts & Disciplines
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  • Pdf File: the-accidents-of-style.pdf

Book Short Summary:

Fasten your seat belt for a crash course in careful usage.... Just like automobile accidents, accidents of style occur all over the English-speaking world, in print and on the Internet, thousands of times every day. They range from minor fender benders, such as confusing their and there, to serious smashups, such as misusing sensual for sensuous or writing loathe when you mean loath. Charles Harrington Elster shows you how to navigate the hairpin turns of grammar, diction, spelling, and punctuation with an entertaining driver's manual covering 350 common word hazards and infractions, arranged in order of complexity for writers of all levels. Elster illustrates these surprisingly common accidents with quotations from numerous print and online publications, many of them highly regarded---which perhaps should make us feel better: If the horrendous redundancy close proximity and the odious construction what it is, is have appeared in The New York Times, maybe our own accidents will be forgiven. But that shouldn't keep us from aspiring to accident-free writing and speaking. If you want to get on the road to writing well, The Accidents of Style will help you drive home what you want to say.

Amazon Income

By Sharon Cohen
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  • Publisher : Atlantic Publishing Company
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Book Short Summary:

Read and download full book Amazon Income